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Victoria Day-Memorial Day PAINTOCALYPSE!
Victoria Day-Memorial Day PAINTOCALYPSE!
It has finally returned!

The Paintocalypse is back, starting May 19th and ending on May 26th for 8 days of painting goodness! Let's get to painting and finish those armies that we always wanted to finish!
Ork Deff Dredd Assembly
Ork Deff Dredd Assembly
Hello Miniwargaming! It has been a while since I posted anything, but here's some new content.

I assemble the Ork Deff Dredd kit on camera (kind of).
New Lizardmen
New Lizardmen
I just got a new Lizardmen set! In this video, I show you what I did with it.
Recent Painting Work
Recent Painting Work
I show you my current WIP and a couple of completed units.
Updated Ork Army
Updated Ork Army
Another vlog of my army that is almost all painted.

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Zipding (Over a year ago):
Updated Ork Army: HQs: 3 Warbosses, Ghazghkull Thraka, 1 Big Mek. Elites: 10 Nobz with Trukk, 5 Tankbustas, 5 Lootas, 5 Kommandos with Snikrot, 5 Meganobz. Troops: 66 Boyz, 1 Trukk. Fast Attack: 8 Bikerz, 5 Stormboyz, 8 Deffkoptas. Heavy Support: 1 Deff Dread, 3 Killa Kanz, 1 Looted Wagon. With the addition of a 800 point Squiggoth, I can make 4119 points.
natt85 (Over a year ago):
or more or less started
natt85 (Over a year ago):
hay im starting lizardmen to.
natt85 (Over a year ago):
sub 4 sub
Blood-Trident (Over a year ago):
subbed :3
Zipding (Over a year ago):
I have a decent army. About 40 boyz, a warboss in mega armour, 5 lootas, 5 tankbustaz, a looted wagon, a trukk, 5 stormboyz, Boss Snikrot and 3 bikerz. This is a pretty decent force.
Zipding (Over a year ago):
I'm planning on having a WAAAAGH! I have Blood Axes, Goffs, Evil Sunz and Death Skullz so far.
BlackFalcon (Over a year ago):
yay for orks! im gonna sub to you to see what else you got
Astarte (Over a year ago):
I got Goffs, What clan do you got?
40kfan (Over a year ago):
what clan do you have? im DEATHSKULLS