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Ork Warboss...WIP
Ork Warboss...WIP
It's been a while, but I have something that looks awesome (in my humble opinion) Rate/Comment/Crit
Battle Standard Bearer WIP
Battle Standard Bearer WIP
Another update from the land-o-chaos. Today I'm showing off my BSB, but theres a catch...
Nurgles Sorcerer Painting WIP
Nurgles Sorcerer Painting WIP
Just a quick update on the painting progress of my Warriors of Chaos army with some WIP pics of my Nurgle sorcerer.
More Plague Giant
More Plague Giant
Just an update in my paint of the Plague Giant.
Plague Ginat painting WIP.
Plague Ginat painting WIP.
An update on my Warriors of Chaos giant. Skin tones.

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Narcosis090 (Over a year ago):
cool nurgle stuff you have here
fluffyfen (Over a year ago):
i apreciate the msg letting me know you finished it thank you ^^
Draigo (Over a year ago):
sub 4 sub
Beavis002 (Over a year ago):
nice models sub 4 sub
arvo12 (Over a year ago):
keep up the good work becose that is awesome!
Tzollo25 (Over a year ago):
Thank you!
fluffyfen (Over a year ago):
your sorcerer forced me to subscribe : p keep it up
Imperialdudecoolz (Over a year ago):
yeah anther follower of choas i love your army you got going you could make a video to explain where this is going and i would love to see some work of terrain with your green stuff