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I wonder who reads the information or random stuff we post..hmmmm?
Anywho.. I've been a gamer since the age of 11. Started back in 1998. Got a box of catachan warriors, catachan codex and some paints with not a clue on how to play or what it even was. Just thought it was really cool. A week later I got a box of orc boys and a orc and goblin army codex. From there they say the rest is history.

I'm currently collecting Necrons for my 40K army and, I've decided to go with Warriors of Chaos Nurgle Cult.
I am a greenskin at heart though.

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Alten Ashley
Alten Ashley
Here is my first Privateer Press model I've ever bought and painted.
I actually bought him just to paint him. Now I am going to collect Trollbloods; they just look like a lot of fun to paint.
2nd Still Shot Vlog
2nd Still Shot Vlog
He is another still shot vlog with a project of mine and finished work.
WoC Still Shot vlog
WoC Still Shot vlog
He is a short vlog on my new Warriors of Chaos army.
Jones Bones
Jones Bones
Here is my mascot, painting, modeling buddy. He is quite indestructible; Jones has survived falls, stuff dropping on him and my son.
Catachan Devil Rejects
Catachan Devil Rejects
Been in a conversion mood.

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please come back and give feedback to some other things I've done.
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