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Imperial Guard squad
Imperial Guard squad
An Imperial Guard squad
Leman Russ
Leman Russ
An Imperial Guard Leman Russ.
Tau Battlesuit
Tau Battlesuit
A white Tau Battlesuit
Weathering an Imperial Guardsman
Weathering an Imperial Guardsman
How to weather 28mm miniatures, in this case an Imperial Guardsman
A whole lotta tank.

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Great content! Subbed!
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Thanks a lot for your visit on my content, here is a sub to prove it
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awsome stuff! subbed
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awesome stuff sub 4sub
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cool marines
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Random-40k (Over a year ago):
Nice stuff and paint jobs so far mate. Cant find a reason not to sub you
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wow you are a good painter
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Legio-Aves (Over a year ago):
I'll post another marine soon, stay tuned!!!
JoeyWarhammerFreak (Over a year ago):
REPLY TO YOUR COMMENT ON "NEW PACKIGE": lol i know, i might ask for one for christmas or something, bye the way my names actully joe, i just put JOEY in my user name because it sounds better LOL!
jimmy72nd (Over a year ago):
thanks for comments. i no waylandgames take there time alright on delivery 3
JoeyWarhammerFreak (Over a year ago):
REPLY TO YOUR COMMENT ON MY VIDEO "WARHAMMER 40K ORK ARMY": yes i did film it on a phone because i cant upload the files from my video camera.
Crossi (Over a year ago):
what do u mean with sm? and nice space marines u have there
40kfan (Over a year ago):
lol i subed yoou a while back....................................... ?!
darkmessiah (Over a year ago):
thank you for subbing
niner33 (Over a year ago):
I like your minis I really like your space marine to
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nice stuff!