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NRP- NinjaCard 3 / Important Message
NRP- NinjaCard 3 / Important Message
Hi guys, This is another one of our NinjaCard spoof videos, and also a Important message about the Miniwargaming Contest at the end.
NRP- 20 Ways Of MiniWarGaming
NRP- 20 Ways Of MiniWarGaming
This video is about having the MiniWarGaming logo in the video in the most interesting way. So its all about spelling it different ways JUST with wargaming materials. Quality of taping gets alittle wierd, for some reason, but hope you enjoy anyways.
NRP- NinjaCard 2
NRP- NinjaCard 2
This is the second MasterCard spoof in a short series of spoofs we did, and will be slowly posting. Hope you enjoy, and if u have any ideas you would like seen made, please post bellow, as well subscribe.
NRP- NinjaCard
NRP- NinjaCard
This is a short spoof on those old MasterCard commercials. This is just a short one, we made a few and will release more over time. We decided its easier to post one by one then one big one. Hope you enjoy and feel free on leaving any interesting ones you would like to see made.

NRP- SpaceChop
NRP- SpaceChop
This is our second video of the Sham-wow / Slap chop spoof videos. We had alot of troubles with shooting it and editing, but it turned out ok in the end. Hope you enjoy

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