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Manteias war
Manteia's war
The story behind the battles between my friend and I.

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RootBeer (Over a year ago):
500 points for 10 nobs with a 4+ armor and fnp is quite a lot, I know this is a bit of a bad comparison, but 10 assault terminators and a chaplain in terminator armor costs 530 and they have 2 armor (much harder to get past) and are way more devastating. FNP is amazing, but if they have any AP4 those nobs will start dropping way too easily for the cost.
orkcarnage (Over a year ago):
Yes, they're a great unit, sometimes I run the same unit but in a battlewagon to keep them safe until I unload them right next to an enemy unit and annihilate whatever unit is there. They are expensive point-wise but worth it. I wouldn't play them in small games though. At least 1500 and up.
Scaler (Over a year ago):
Hi guys I was wondering about your opinions about Ork Nobz, I Play with a squad of 9 Nobz and a warboss and I have a painboy in the mob. I give my nobz the 4+ armour save, the 5 invulnerable save of the painboy and the 4 feel no pain. This can be overpowering but the ten models cost over 500 points, while they may be hard to kill they are expensive in points. Should I keep playing like this or not? Keep in mind that the feel no pain is a seperate roll and so its a save on its own. Thank you I hope that this will benefit you and me, see ya!
Draigo (Over a year ago):
sub 4 sub
zijn4357 (Over a year ago):
Thanks for the tips about my armies, I answerd to your comment and was wondering if you could have a look at it and let me know, thanks once again
Scaler (Over a year ago):
Ha! Ha! Ha! The picture comes from our second battle in wich we sadly didn't tape. It was a massacre for the Space Marines. To tell you about the slaughter, the Marines dead pile was biger than the ork dead pile!
Scaler (Over a year ago):
Well, so far we are only two people in our gaming "group" space marines and orks (me) but hopefully we will have a tyranid, eldar and necron player, sadly with the enourmous price increase this will be much harder but, o well and see you soon with our first battle report.
Scaler (Over a year ago):