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Roy is a Wargamer that has been hibernating for many years. Now the Batty has awoken once more to wreak havoc by painting miniatures...

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Up Close: Death Wing Terminators
Up Close: Death Wing Terminators
Testing out the new Light Box and the latest painted mini's at once. Seeing things up close can be confronting!
Special Guest Painter
Special Guest Painter
Sunday mornings are for painting in the sun. And today, I had a special guest...
Ork Stompa Weathering Tutorial
Ork Stompa Weathering Tutorial
Painting and weathering in an Ork Stompa Chest Plate experiment
Barsa Chess: WIP and Stompa Conversion
Barsa Chess: WIP and Stompa Conversion
Another scenic piece, converted to match the chaos in my mind.
Barsa Chess: Fortress of redemption Conversion
Barsa Chess: Fortress of redemption Conversion
I had a primed Fortress of Redemption piece around for some moths now. I decided to twist it around a bit

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Greystoke (Over a year ago):
like your stuff. subbed.
julian12345 (Over a year ago):
You recently commented on my khador doom reaver, first off thanks for the compliment on the metallics, and second this is tabletop quality so it's maybe a 2 and a half hour job, the skin legitly has no definition at all other then the pectoral muscles so any shape you see was painted on it. Cheers
Narcosis090 (Over a year ago):
hello, the mek shop takes me 7 hours for built and painting