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NC HIP Nyan Nyan Pt2
NC HIP Nyan Nyan Pt2
Part 2 of my Nyan Nyan "How I Paint"
NC How I Paint Nyan Nyan Super Dungeon Explore pt1
NC How I Paint Nyan Nyan Super Dungeon Explore pt1
Just me painting my Nyan Nyan from Super Dungeon Explore. Part 1
NC Spotlight Rito Grrls [March 2014]
NC Spotlight Rito Grrls [March 2014]
Here is a small video of a miniature that I painted in march of 2014. This is the Nomads Riot Grrls from Infinity. This miniature was not an easy one for me to paint. I'm not sure why it was hard but it was. IT tested my skills and I'm not 100% sold on the job I did but, I finished it any ways.

Thanks for the support!
NC Spotlight Pathfinder Rogue, Infinity Nomad, Reaper Warrior - Feb - March 2014
NC Spotlight Pathfinder Rogue, Infinity Nomad, Reaper Warrior - Feb - March 2014
Hey there! Here is just a little spotlight video on the three miniatures that I painted in February and the Start of March. I want to try and do videos like this on the Miniatures that I paint every month or two.
NC H.I.P. Maskol, What is it?
NC H.I.P. Maskol, What is it?
Maskol, What is it? Well Its a liquid Latex masking agent that's what. :)

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pinkolslarp (Over a year ago):
hey! did you read my blog and my mind or did you just do the dirty gold tutorial???i really needed it,thanks
Brother-Augustus (Over a year ago):
get better soon!
jimmy72nd (Over a year ago):
subbed ya. love your youtube stuff
necron010 (Over a year ago):
sub 4 sub
Natakue (Over a year ago):
I already did one...its not that great. Im thinking about redoing it. Yu can find it on my youtube channel.
tommy2009 (Over a year ago):
when are you going to do the video on how to paint orks
warboss123 (Over a year ago):
I really love your How To Paints. Keep up the good work buddy and I really appreciate everything you are doing for the community along with the warmongers.
Petoy (Over a year ago):
you are epic, sub to my channel plz and i'll sub to yours, keep the cool stuff coming
Ferix (Over a year ago):
Woo! This guys rox my sox! Keep it up
LordofSteel (Over a year ago):
Nice work man, I'm anticipating more vids.
jonathanburr89 (Over a year ago):
same love your vids
PAMPLEMOUSE (Over a year ago):
i love your vids
warhammericecreamman (Over a year ago):
Exacuter-of-chaos (Over a year ago):
hey ty for the sub
tommy2009 (Over a year ago):
whats up
Natakue (Over a year ago):
yes but the new codex coems out in April.
Kelush (Over a year ago):
whats this about these new blood angles coming out soon havent they always been a painting option?????
BladeofKings (Over a year ago):
Very nice work on those bases. Keep it up man!
matteuse (Over a year ago):
nice stuff man!!
Natakue (Over a year ago):
Hey guys waz up!
gerard1234 (Over a year ago):
sub for sub
Exacuter-of-chaos (Over a year ago):
Hey bro whats up?
WarPetrie (Over a year ago):
hey cool you made a MWG channel i really like those bases you made they look sweet if you don't mind and could check out my channel and look at some of my stuff that would be great i would love to hear what you think of it ^_^ thanks
Enemyofevil23 (Over a year ago):
Go Natakue