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MWGUK Podcast 15/11/2010
MWGUK Podcast 15/11/2010
Dessert Pizzas, Australia, Ultramarines Movie and Tournament Fun!
Sculpting a greenstuff Tabard
Sculpting a greenstuff Tabard
Ron from From The Warp shows us how to sculpt a beautiful Tabard out of Greenstuff.
Terrain Tutorial: Making an Eldar Webway Portal.
Terrain Tutorial: Making an Eldar Webway Portal.
Ron from From The Warp. Shows us how to make a cool piece of Eldar Terrain.
MWGUK Podcast 26/10/2010
MWGUK Podcast 26/10/2010
The first podcast from MiniWarGaming UK. Grey stuff, Dark Eldar and more!
MWG UK Airbrushes some Necrons
MWG UK Airbrushes some Necrons
Here in the UK we have just bought an Airbrush for our store. We show you what we have got and paint up some Necrons.

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jimmy72nd (Over a year ago):
More pod casts lads....
Narcosis090 (Over a year ago):
sub 4 sub
will23451- (Over a year ago):
uk yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kickme (Over a year ago):
sub 4 aub
MiniWarGamingUK (Over a year ago):
The Shop is in Stafford, Staffordshire about 3 miles off the junction 14 M6. Post Code st18 9QE
argarth (Over a year ago):
wheres the shop? i want to go!!!
Random-40k (Over a year ago):
tell me where and when the store is open and ill get my dad to drive me down anytime lol. Id love to come see the store
jimmy72nd (Over a year ago):
when are you guys gonna open the uk store so i can drive to you and play against yo....hahaha...OPEN THE STORE.
BlackFalcon (Over a year ago):
yay now i can order cheap stuff without high tax!
titanslayer2 (Over a year ago):
awsome im near u. in stoke
gerard1234 (Over a year ago):
do you have a shop in london
EraserRazor (Over a year ago):
love it!
tommy2009 (Over a year ago):
sub me anyone
murk62 (Over a year ago):
can i add content to uk site plz i iz subed
40kfan (Over a year ago):
you guys should sub me................................................ that would be nice
tommy2009 (Over a year ago):
its kind of wird
tommy2009 (Over a year ago):
there's miniwargaming all over the world
PhenixWolf (Over a year ago):
Hehe hiya, two questions. where is the UK branch? and have you any job vacencies?
Moseley (Over a year ago):
where are you based?
Blackmaster1234 (Over a year ago):
space-marine-tim (Over a year ago):
I can not use the account i have here on the uk Web site