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He said to me he said "I don't like the cut of your Jib." and I said "Well it's the only Jib I got Baby! BOOM! YEAH!"

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New Stuff Orks and Marines
New Stuff Orks and Marines
Some new Ork and marine models I've been working on.
Looted Wagon Conversion
Looted Wagon Conversion
Some pics of my latest project. A looted Rhino.
Painting Great Looking Orks Using Citadel Washes
Painting Great Looking Orks Using Citadel Washes
My Technique for painting orks quickly and easily.

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Recent Channel Comments:

DevotedtoCHAOS (Over a year ago):
MadGenius, you are a painting genuis. Your orks look alot better than mine, so I intend on trying out your paiting styles on some spare orksI have laying around.
40kfan (Over a year ago):
omg omg omg omg omg u where on 1 day ago!!!!!!!!!! U ROCK ! I COLLECT ORKS TOO AND SMS AND I USE UR SCHEME TO PAINT SKIN, IVE USED IT FOR OVER 5 MONTHS !!!!!!!!!!
orcboy (Over a year ago):
go orks
MadGenius (Over a year ago):
I've got a bunch of new stuff, I just gotta get some good pics of them to show off.
impiralgay (Over a year ago):
workin on something?
impiralgay (Over a year ago):
orks rock
Loota (Over a year ago):
For ur tutoril for painting orks is that straight merchite red or did you do anything do it after?
locbot (Over a year ago):
my bases are actualy like a muddy wastland
sqwertyman (Over a year ago):
Love your channel! You an ork player?????