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My name is Bob and I'm from Ireland.

Started collecting models after a long time interest in the background and fluff of 40k. I've always enjoyed the Eldar background and naturally chose them as my army.

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Dystopian Wars - KoB - Scale Pic
Dystopian Wars - KoB - Scale Pic
As requested
Dystopian Wars - KoB
Dystopian Wars - KoB
Battlefleet Agincourt
My Test Scheme for Wood Elves
My Test Scheme for Wood Elves
My first wood Elf with test colors.
Malifaux Marcus Crew
Malifaux Marcus Crew
An Arcanist crew from the Malifaux gaming system
A new army in the making...
A new army in the making...
This is why I've been so quiet in adding content... busy bob.

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Recent Channel Comments:

Kelush (Over a year ago):
i like ur painting and race choice wood elfs! when will i see more of them nice Autumn wood elvys!
kraizer (Over a year ago):
Lol'd name. "My name is Bob and I'm from Ireland"... Unbeatable =P Just subscribed you, really nice Chaos and Eldar! Would you care to take a look at mine too?
Padhraic (Over a year ago):
check out my battle report! It's not brilliant but watch it anyway!
777ortality99 (Over a year ago):
everyone including ireland bob
777ortality99 (Over a year ago):
subscribe to meeeeee
freddycatking (Over a year ago):
more Irish people should play eldar. they paint them really well! i just started eldar. i'm not from Ireland, though.
kooleyo (Over a year ago):
cool dark templars
twity4927 (Over a year ago):
nice jet bikes buz
freddycatking (Over a year ago):
i subscribed. i love eldar, i just started collecting. (i started with space marines, vbut always had this eldar dream) i just got my first eldar thing, swooping hawks!
Devastator170 (Over a year ago):
Aw, why weren't you playing, not into the gaming aspect or what?
Padhraic (Over a year ago):
I didn't win any games but it was still great craic though! What did you think of my army? Was it ok?
Goldenspears (Over a year ago):
Go Ireland! Leinster Rule!
Dave-123 (Over a year ago):
great content hope you sub me i sub you
Choco (Over a year ago):
Nice army
Captainsicerious (Over a year ago):
irish is awesome (so is your paint job)
TheTinyOne (Over a year ago):
subd ya becuz of eldar i do the same keep us (miniwargamers) posted with ur army
wargamer101 (Over a year ago):
*headbang* (;
Crimeroyale (Over a year ago):
i subscribed to you! just because of the wave serpent...the updated one
Devastator170 (Over a year ago):
Thanks for yours =D
Devastator170 (Over a year ago):
Cool Eldar mate, since I'm also from the the Glorious Republic of Ireland, I'll sub you, lol, jk I sub if I like content, which in your contents case is true