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Traitor Guard beginnings
Traitor Guard beginnings
The first few converted Cadians I have been working on to try and build an army of Khorne worshipping Chaos Guard. Not tourney legal at all, mostly just for looks and fun.
Blood Bowl Video Game
Blood Bowl Video Game
THIS IS NOT SOMETHING I HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH!!!! But it is totally awesome and needed to be on this site.
How to: Creating Lava
How to: Creating Lava
Quick demo of a way I devised for creating realistic flowing lava or static lava pools. And also how to paint it.
My 40k terrain stuff
My 40k terrain stuff
basically just the two (I hope) decent boards I have made.
My little 40K video
My little 40K video
Basically, I made this with clips from the DoW, DoWII, Squad Command, and Soace Marine video game trailers. O am Thumper_AF on youtube, so yea it is actually mine.

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Take And Hold: Episode 1 - The Objective
Take And Hold: Episode 1 - The Objective

or else..

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Rethonn (Over a year ago):
lol to answer your question my BA champ has one arm because i was painting it off the model then lost it never got around to replaceing it