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Hey people. Just started playing this year (2009) and my army is a bit lacking right now but it will get better with time. I play as the Imperial Guard. The terrain table I use is at my friend, Michigan52's, house. It is a pool table so you know we have a very customizable field to work with. Let me know what you think.

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Apocalypse Battle Part 3
Apocalypse Battle Part 3
The end of the battle. Who was victorious?
Warhammer 40k Zombies Game 2011
Warhammer 40k Zombies Game 2011
We play our new variant on Warhammer 40k zombies!
Apocalypse Battle Part 2
Apocalypse Battle Part 2
The battle rages on. Who will be triumphant in this war? The Imperium? The Orks? Or Chaos? Watch the epic unfold at our local gameshop!
Benny the Flamer Painted
Benny the Flamer Painted
This is my first ever painted miniature. He is Benny the Flamer. If you don't know Benny then check out my videos to understand how awesome he really is!
Space Marines Vs Imperial Guard 2
Space Marines Vs Imperial Guard 2
Another go with me and my friend. Pretty decent battle if I do say so myself. Tell me what we can do to make the battle more enjoyable for you guys.

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Recent Channel Comments:

Vaughn (Over a year ago):
Nice stuff i play guard too.
orch-boy (Over a year ago):
awesome movie please continue
40kfan (Over a year ago):
Nice stuff nice stuff sub fo sub?
stephen1821 (Over a year ago):
+1 sub!!
hansolo (Over a year ago):
Ethano (Over a year ago):
Toothpicks or glue
grimaldus1942 (Over a year ago):
Nice terrain. what did you use to get the floors to stay in the building?
Ethano (Over a year ago):
I'm not sure, but there's a new codex coming out in May that will probably help you out on that. I don't want to give an answer that could be outdated in a month
hell-hound300 (Over a year ago):
hey you seem what you know what your doing, can ratiling snipers be upgraded with jungle fighter
jaco331r (Over a year ago):
your guyses vidios are awsome but alittle unfair for ig
Ethano (Over a year ago):
well it depends on a few things 1. Table size 2. Army type if your table is larger than 4 feet then a basalisk would be great for you if you're army has a lot of anti tank things then a basalisk is good too but if you have light infantry I'd go with the leman
jaco331r (Over a year ago):
the clube near me was replace with a purfume store should i get ballistics or leman russes
evetswolf (Over a year ago):
me to, there use to be a gameing place near my house like 1 mile mabye any way, it closed down last year and was replaced by a cash lone place, like we realy need more of thouse.
gunmaster (Over a year ago):
i have i few figures but no one to play with (im so lonley)
hell-hound300 (Over a year ago):
nice but you got to get more guys
evetswolf (Over a year ago):
these videos gave me some good ideas for terrian peaces also im thinking of geting the kreig death corps from fourge world,they have cool gas-masks that look like skulls.
SamuelPurdie (Over a year ago):
Keep It Coming Guys, You Rock
Infantry (Over a year ago):
thnx 4 sub
Infantry (Over a year ago):
sub me plz
Hazl7772 (Over a year ago):
impiralgay (Over a year ago):
nice guys u have
hell-hound300 (Over a year ago):
I'm going with catachans there an army of Rambos, i'm sad I can't fight with benny in my army
Ethano (Over a year ago):
I have cadian personally because I just like them. I'd go with them simply because that's where Benny is from
hell-hound300 (Over a year ago):
hey should i get a catachan army or caidain, catachans have flamers but cadains have flamers and grenade launchers
Ethano (Over a year ago):
I'm going to be buying some new guys when the 20% off sale comes. I'm too young to juggle a job and school right now so my income is based off of free lance work I can do in my free time.