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Afternoon Wargamers,

I'm EldarExodite and I will be focusing on painting techniques and tactica for the various 40k armies that I have: Eldar, Blood Angels, and Orks

Three great armies, rather different in play style. Nonetheless, I will be painting up models, posting videos, and other fun things when I can.

Next month I will start a painting competition, where the winner will receive a prize, particularly an unpainted model.

Stay tuned for more.

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Chaos Space Marine Lord
Chaos Space Marine Lord
Model was sitting on the shelf and I had some free time.

Please comment and subscribe if you like the job I did.
Finished Model Compilation #1
Finished Model Compilation #1
Its been a while. Finished Eldrad, a Eldar Warwalker, and a Ork Nobb Painboy! Enjoy!
Spocon 2011 Warhammer 40k Tournament
Spocon 2011 Warhammer 40k Tournament
Small Tournament, large armies: 1750
Goal 1: Kill points must be 2 higher than opponent.
Goal 2: If you have more units within a 12" radius of central objective you win.
Goal 3: If you control more enemy objectives you win.

Great tournament, great people, photos of some of the best armies I saw there. Enjoy
Eldar Vlog #5 Eldars been Busy
Eldar Vlog #5 Eldar's been Busy
Ton of side projects, just rambling about how productive the day was. Starting the Dire Avenger's squad (GW's article on painting them is decent).
Eldar Vlog#4 Slideshow of Units
Eldar Vlog#4 Slideshow of Units
Avatar, fire dragon exarch, and guardians, hope you enjoy!

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