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Davoth Rules

Eldar:2,000 Points (Written)
1 Farseer
1 Warlock
1 Autarch
1 Avatar
6 Harlequins (1 is a Troup Master)
6 Striking Scorpians (1 is a Exarch)
12 Howling Banshees (2 are Exarchs)
6 Fire Dragons (1 is an Exarch)
1 Wave Serpent
16 Dire Avengers (2 are Exarchs)
20 Guardians
20 Storm Guardian (Custom)
3 Jetbikes
6 Rangers/Pathfinders
Fast Attack:
6 Swooping Hawks (1 is an Exarch)
Heavy Support:
5 Dark Reapers (1 is an Exarch)
1 Fire Prism
2 Wraithlord
(Not My Official List
Just what I own)

Mordheim witch Hunters
Battles: 2 Warband Rating: 102
1 Captain, 3 Hunters, 1 Priest, 2 Flagellants, 3 Warhounds

10 Knights (Champion & Banner)
10 Flagellents (1 is a Prophet of Doom)

Likes/Intrests: Linkin Park, Wrahammer 40k, MiniWarGaming Painting, Gaming, They Might Be Giants(Look them up), Mordheim

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Striking Scorpians
Striking Scorpians
A short tactica on how I use Striking Scorpians.
Also why I like them better than Banshees.
Eldar Dire Avengers Tactica
Eldar Dire Avengers Tactica
Dire VAengers Tactics
My Craftworld Fluff
My Craftworld Fluff
Fluff for my Craftworld
Eldar Farseer Tactica
Eldar Farseer Tactica
This is a short Tactica on the Eldar Farseer
Eldar Wraithlord Tactica
Eldar Wraithlord Tactica
A short TacticaI wrote for the Eldar Wraithlord, or at least how I see to use him.

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Davoth's Newest Faves:

Cobalt Blades @1700 points painted
Cobalt Blades @1700 points painted
This is what I currently have painted for my army, I still have a ton to paint, so only fully finished or at least greatly along the way models are presented

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RANDOM-EXPLOSIONS (Over a year ago):
Avatar=Waste of pts. Even though they have EPIC stats
Dave-123 (Over a year ago):
sub 4 sub
Dave-123 (Over a year ago):
great content sub me
Dave-123 (Over a year ago):
like it
okintofu (Over a year ago):
Thanks for subscribing man!
Darkdragon (Over a year ago):
Good it generates the codes you need so its ok, for vids i use windows moviemaker, and then upload it, but the restrickion to the free account is 5min vid at a time!
Davoth (Over a year ago):
How good is photobucket.
Eldar-Lord (Over a year ago):
Man you need to get some videos up so i can sheck out your guys and stuff
locbot (Over a year ago):
Im writing the 40k RENEGADES short story for a blog i will open and i will give u the link once i am finished. The Eldar will be a huge part of it as well necrons. All the other races will be included but the main story line is about Captain Mortillion who is a space marines Commander and the Eldar and Necrons conflict with Mortillion or not with Motillion will be included but the other races will only be included when they have conflict with Mortillion
wh40krox (Over a year ago):
wh40krox (Over a year ago):
striking scorpians r also good.....but i like fire dragons much more
wh40krox (Over a year ago):
i think harlequins suck .......Total waste of points......My advice: butload of war walkers, all armed with scatter lasers and led by the avatar
blackvault (Over a year ago):
2000 i mean
blackvault (Over a year ago):
wow alredy 200 pts nice
Marsdreamer (Over a year ago):
Hehe, fine print gets ya everytime. They still are good for infiltrating or dropping out of a Wave Serpent to hack something to shreds. And I definitely like their fluff and their models almost more than any other Eldar model, but Harlequin's just can't be ignored on a gaming standpoint. (Although, being stubborn and usually only playing units that I really like, I would throw Striking Scorpians in an Eldar list still )
Davoth (Over a year ago):
MarsDreamer you are correct. That sucks.
Marsdreamer (Over a year ago):
Check your codex and look under "Special Rules" Striking Scorpians do not have fleet because of their 3+ armor save. Page 62.
locbot (Over a year ago):
thanx 4 sub
Davoth (Over a year ago):
Everyone Please comment a Craftworld name. Look at my fluff which is in the content entitled Craftworld Fluff.
Rokardio (Over a year ago):
now sub me ok cool
Rokardio (Over a year ago):
sub for sub i already subed
Rokardio (Over a year ago):
i play Eldar too
Darkdragon (Over a year ago):
thanks for the sub! Cheers
lotrmaster1997 (Over a year ago):
sub for sub
Darkdragon (Over a year ago):
I gave some names for your craftworld hope you like it. Cheers