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Bloodangels226 (Over a year ago):
Hi I play blood angels and dark eldar I am starting a chaos marine army (thousand sons) and I am going to have a demon prince with mark of tzeentch and some pink horrors of tzeench how many points do pink horrors of tzeench cost
Advocate-of-Khorne (Over a year ago):
Heya, I'm starting up a Daemons of khorne army, and i just need a few hints on how to run it and good unit comp. Just give me a comment back. Thanks.
Bloodangels226 (Over a year ago):
Here is a random sub please sub back
Bloodangels226 (Over a year ago):
Cool I play blood angels dark eldar nids and wood elves
chubbydragon (Over a year ago):
DaemonMaster (Over a year ago):
I play Chaos Daemons and Green Skins in both 40k and Fantasy still working on the Green skins, i have some Nids and Necrons to work on and plans for Space wolves