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You Promised me CAKE!


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Hi guys
My name is Tom and I live in England.

The armies I collect are
Chaos Space Marines
Dark Eldar
Blood Angels
Grey Knights
Space Marines
and Finally Black Templars.

I'm Also Doing A Fantasy Army that I have not Chosen yet

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Pics of Models
Pics of Models
Pics of Models
Help! I needs dat Help
Help! I needs dat Help
Army Decision Time.
Warhammer Fantasy.

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Lover0fTau-awesome40K (Over a year ago):
Hey man, I have not been online in a while. However, I have posted a poll on my channel and I would appreciate it if you vote. I am trying to see what you guys are interested in. -Lover0fTau-awesome40K
Lover0fTau-awesome40K (Over a year ago):
Not to mention, welcome back! Also if you need any help with fantasy, you will like the island of blood videos I'm about to post, I am gonna show off what I have done to my gryphon.
Lover0fTau-awesome40K (Over a year ago):
Thank you for your nice comment on my skavens ;$
Lover0fTau-awesome40K (Over a year ago):
Put up a island of blood series if your interested.
OrcyNid (Over a year ago):
comment on my channel
OrcyNid (Over a year ago):
Probably gonna do khador. I will have 2 player battlebox to split with my bro and in addition either berserker or heavy jack, though im not sure which. plz giv me ur advice
donty (Over a year ago):
check out my content!
fUN-LoLface (Over a year ago):
Made a new user for my new Necron army! (Immortal-Overlord) Check out my new channel! :3
totalimmortal (Over a year ago):
100% NEW short story is up!
totalimmortal (Over a year ago):
I've revised my Jericho Terrius story, if you're still interested. NO MORE WEIRD TIME-WARP-DREAM THING
nicknoo (Over a year ago):
dude if your ten than you and me are the same age! and we live in the same country!
Imperialdudecoolz (Over a year ago):
ty for nice comments
Lover0fTau-awesome40K (Over a year ago):
Thanks for the comment
Lover0fTau-awesome40K (Over a year ago):
Check out my new paint toutorials
Zeeorc (Over a year ago):
I have a new poll, please vote
Zeeorc (Over a year ago):
Zeeorc (Over a year ago):
Check out my battle report and tell me what you think
3000whitedragon (Over a year ago):
i want to the warhammer bit on ebay and type in base ther is a link to them in the about this content at the side hope this helps
mikep (Over a year ago):
hallo guys how are you????
rofldtehawzum (Over a year ago):
im probably gonna do eldar then
rofldtehawzum (Over a year ago):
too many ppl are starting grey knights now so im not going to
rofldtehawzum (Over a year ago):
hey since u know loads about warhammer, im thinking of starting a new army but i dont know if i hsould choose Eldar or Necrons
khorne-rules1414 (Over a year ago):
Nice channel! Sub for the sub?
Narcosis090 (Over a year ago):
thanks for your comment on my skeleton archers
Kelush (Over a year ago):
aaaahh. OK didnt know that one