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I guess I'll talk about myself and my experience with Gameswork Shop.
It all started literally 10 years ago when sometimes my parents would go to the mall and let us kids wonder around while they shop. So we would go and see Gameswork Shop with its bright yellow logo and "space marines" damn man "space marines!" that has got to be the coolest things out there, and you can play a game with them!?. So me and my friends saved some money and got some minis. My friend and has bro got space marines and IG while I got space marines as well. I first got a tactical squad painted it up and I was proud that all the colours were at the right place. Now when I look at them they are total crap. Yeah so then got another tact squad then a terminator squad and finally got a vindicator. We played a few games but warhammer was expensive and parents didn't like that fact that we'er forking over $30 plus dollars for some plastic toys that you also have to paint, so warhammer soon died down, Counter-Strike and Diablo II was kicking in and so for most of the time warhammer was just a thing of the past. Between all those years I always liked the Tyranids, I always wanted to collect them because they are just so damn cool looking but money was still a problem and of course during my high school years I was spending all my money on "Magic the Gathering".

Ok fast forward to last year march break 2008, I have money now and I didn't know what to do for a week, so I decided to finally buy some Tyranids. So back to the same Gameswork Shop I had visited 10 years ago, bought a Tyranid Battle Force, paints, brushes, glue and it all came out to about $200, but it was well worth it. Painted my Gaunts, Stealers, Warrors and finally my Carnifex. These guys were way better painted than my 10 year old marines, though if I were to judge them now I'd say they are not even tabletop quality. My painting technique last year was almost non-existent, I knew about highlighting and washes but I had horrible experience when I first tried them and didn't bother to do them for about half my army. My army soon grew and grew over the past year and my painting has steady improved, I found it very rewarding how I discovered these techniques on my own. I hand prime all my models and after brushing chaos black on plastic I started to noticed how paint goes on the models, how to get a smooth finish. It was through this that I slowly discovered that painting models isn't just putting paint on the correct spot there is an art to it, how to angle your brush, how much pressure you need to apply, all this came from just observing my hand primed models. Now my models are pretty decent if I say so myself, I bought a modeling knife and files so my models are now free from mold lines, still hand prime them, I understand the concepts of highlighting and washes and how they work, and I have been magnetizing my Carinfexes and to some extent my warriors.

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nice tyranids
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love ur stuff XD
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wow! you are freak9n amazing.
gameaholic (Over a year ago):
plz sub to my chan!!
marinenidthing (Over a year ago):
nice nids
40kfan (Over a year ago):
Juz tell u I made the "awesome factory-unpainted" just now it's called "mini factory" And u do awesome stuff
40kfan (Over a year ago):
CAN U PLEASE SUB ME !!!!!!?????!?!
40kfan (Over a year ago):
LOVE your vids sub for sub?
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the link thingy d idnt work
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Love your Nids' Please subscribe me.
ultra123 (Over a year ago):
nice color scheme you got
kooleyo (Over a year ago):
You have the right be very happy with your army, I mean your paint job is awesome and your army is very well spread out between shooting and combat
shamethemus (Over a year ago):
love your color scheme grey and purple look good
Weeden-Project (Over a year ago):
damn, gotta love the Trygon super gun you made, definately worthy of a sub
spazmaster1996 (Over a year ago):
S U B E D subed
Weeden-Project (Over a year ago):
Some Great looking 'Nids here, gotta love that warrior band.
AFatalPapercut (Over a year ago):
Great stuff! I have a Tyranid battleforce lying around, i'll get to it someday haha. Love The Band
XrandB (Over a year ago):
Sup bro. I didn't realize how nice your stuff was until you subed me. Very cool army you've got there. Koodos to you.
WaaaghNorpfang (Over a year ago):
nice army
Devastator170 (Over a year ago):
I just use Chaos Black for the script on those scrolls and such.
Devastator170 (Over a year ago):
Hey thanks for your comment, for those close ups you wanted, where they of the chest plates, if so unfortunatly I cannot go closer to them without the camera unfocussing them.
Dave-123 (Over a year ago):
great content sub me
xrobtion (Over a year ago):
xrobtion (Over a year ago):
you're right sorry
xrobtion (Over a year ago):
we know you're good but you don't have to always post negative comments to noobs!