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I colect Dark angels and right now i have black reach guys painted as Dark angels. a PREDITOR, 1 tactical squad, 1 combat squad, 1 devistator squad, drop pod, 10 close combat terminators, 10 company vetrans, 5 jumpacks, 5 vanguard veterans jumpacks, and ravenwing bike squadren company master and Kayvanan Shrike

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Shrike guard.... so far
Shrike guard.... so far
inprogress of dark angel shrike guard
Dark Angel objective marker
Dark Angel objective marker
dark angel KIA veteran burial
Dark Angel Captain
Dark Angel Captain
My finished captain
Dark Angel Command Squad
Dark Angel Command Squad
Never forget, never forgive,THE FALLEN MUST REPENT
Dark Angel Veteran
Dark Angel Veteran
For the Lion!!!

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Recent Channel Comments:

ChaosBaws (Over a year ago):
very nice models!
zijn4357 (Over a year ago):
Hi mate, I've changed the look of my channel (called: Portal to the warp) and add one more time a new content, so I will be honored if you could told me what you think about it Have a nice day
NariNariNari (Over a year ago):
thx for sub me mate !! (8 monts ago) I was really busy so i couldn't comment to you. btw, sub for sub !! and your stuffs are amazaing !!
airmagilla (Over a year ago):
the claws on my shrike guard are terminator claws.. snipped the vanguard arms off at the elbow and the termi claws at wrist
Immortal-Overlord (Over a year ago):
Thanks for the comment!
MarneusCalgar123 (Over a year ago):
when r u gonna post something new?
Jka333 (Over a year ago):
sub'd 4 sub! thx! I like your stuff!
oliversnell (Over a year ago):
oliversnell (Over a year ago):
oliversnell (Over a year ago):
kl stuff i play dark angels too ur stuff is realy good sub for sub
nicknoo (Over a year ago):
check out my new photos!
nicknoo (Over a year ago):
check out my new story!
nicknoo (Over a year ago):
great work on the captain! check out my series of stories.
Beavis002 (Over a year ago):
kk guys im working on something that if it turns out how i plan its going to be epic
3000whitedragon (Over a year ago):
hi bud yes i will put up pics when iam done
zijn4357 (Over a year ago):
thanks 4 the sub 4 sub
Kelush (Over a year ago):
i made it from styrophome... it was a square piece of styrophome with a circle hole cut into it but not cut through to the other side .. i carved and sand pappered the sides and edges down to the shape it is now, then i got flock and and glued rocks on it... now i have put water effects in and i wiill be uploading images of the final product A.S.A.P.
Lover0fTau-awesome40K (Over a year ago):
Thanksfor the comment
Lover0fTau-awesome40K (Over a year ago):
Check out my new paint toutorials
Lover0fTau-awesome40K (Over a year ago):
Kelush (Over a year ago):
kk... btw i be liken ur stuff ^_^
Joshua11129 (Over a year ago):
the flames are from the base of borg
roguespacemarine123456 (Over a year ago):
Hey Beevis002, I saw what you said about the rocks, it dosen's matter how big they are, and you can even stick a model on a large enough rock to make it more realistic!
rofldtehawzum (Over a year ago):
for the stormraven it has good guns it can transport 12 people and a dreadnought at the same time but its armour isnt really good but its alright.
WarPetrie (Over a year ago):
thanks! check out the video on YT so that you can download the pics onto your computer so that you can use them as a reference ^_^