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Wolf Guard
Wolf Guard
The Wolf Guard have come. And they shall know no fear.
Birthday Present, oh no!
Birthday Present, oh no!
A package arrives, but only four hours before a birthday party! Can Arctic Fox paint his model in enough time?!

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(Over a year ago):
Thanks for the insight, I know it's not the most stable medium but it's sure cheaper!
BrotherPhil (Over a year ago):
Thanks I really appreciate your advice. I'm working hard on my army but I tend to paint very slow so this will take me quite a while. That#s also part of the reason why I'd rather stay within a 750 pt limit for now.
BrotherPhil (Over a year ago):
Thanks for the help man. I do have a Jump pack captain, but I'm now short 1 pack for a 5 men assault squad... And thats for letting me know about the second standard unit thing, i just thought if I split the 10 men squad into two 5men squads, would that work as well?
Blood-Trident (Over a year ago):
total subscription :3 and COMMENT V-CARD TAKEN BY MEAN >