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Dave-123 (Over a year ago):
plz sub me
Dave-123 (Over a year ago):
Darkdragon (Over a year ago):
Haha thanks anyway's!
Aragorn-King (Over a year ago):
War is the ally...defeat is our enemy!!!!!!
Darkdragon (Over a year ago):
i subed back, tanks 4 the sub!
Aragorn-King (Over a year ago): check out this store its coming soon and the owners promises a lot of great stuff, i signed on as a member to their forums
Aragorn-King (Over a year ago):
dont leave a message correcting me on that quote you will just sound retarded for arguing over something like that
Aragorn-King (Over a year ago):
there will be a day the courage of man shall fail....but that is not this day...this day WE FIGHT!!!!!!!!