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Stealth Suit Tactica
Stealth Suit Tactica
Here are a few ways to use your Tau stealth suits
Battlefield Accessories Set
Battlefield Accessories Set
This set from gamesworkshop is defiantly worth the money.
Miniwars Tau Army
Miniwar's Tau Army
Here's my army!
How to Paint Kroot Hounds
How to Paint Kroot Hounds
One model in under 30 minutes, and it still looks great!
Paintocalypse 3
Paintocalypse 3
Finally joined in! Tell me what you think of my hammerheads and bases. Feedback welcome.

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tom7413 (Over a year ago):
Cool Tau I'm thinking of starting them sub 4 sub yeh
Thewarhammerclub (Over a year ago):
With new videos coming out you are going to get a million subscribers.
Spacemarinesrock (Over a year ago):
i think ure pic is cool