Warzone Apothis
MiniWarGaming's Unofficial Warhammer 40k Open Narrative Campaign

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Come in and Play!
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Warzone Apothis is an open narrative campaign, meaning that anybody who wants to come in to our Welland, Ontario studios can participate!

This campaign features four factions (Necrons, Imperium, Chaos, and Tyranids) vying over control of Sub-Sector Apothis. Each faction has different starting strengths and different goals.

We are using custom rules with Games Workshop's Planetary Empire tiles (see image to the right).

The campaign will stretch out over the course of the summer, with a ton of battle reports being recorded and published during that time to show how the factions are doing.

Nothing is predetermined. Well, except for a special mission or two that we have plans for. Other than that, the story will be 100% driven by how everybody does in their games.

Come in and Play!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are FULLY booked up for all the Warzone Apothis games that we need to film. However, you are still welcome to come in for a normal battle report. More details on that here.

The fun thing about this campaign is the fact that anybody who can travel to our Welland studios can participate. If you can come in for a day or for a week, then you can play.

There are two things you must think about if you want to participate:

  1. Which faction you want to play FOR
  2. Which faction you want to play AGAINST

If you are playing Necrons, Tyranids, Imperium, or Chaos, then most of the time you should play for that faction, although if you can come up with a good reason why your army would work against that faction then we can definitely work with that (not all Necrons get along...).

If you are playing Orks, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Tau, or any other army not included in the main factions, then you can choose which faction you are working with, even if the 40k rules don't allow you to ally with that army. Yes, even Eldar could play on the Tyranid faction side, although this would more represent them furthering the Tyranid goals than actually working side by side with them.

Once you know who you want to play FOR and AGAINST, contact the player you want to challenge. They are:

Faction you are playing AGAINST Player Email
Adeptus Mechanicus
(including all Imperium armies)
Leland leland@miniwargaming.com
Chaos Dave dave@miniwargaming.com
Necrons Steve steve@miniwargaming.com
Tyranids Matthew matthew@miniwargaming.com

When contacting the individual, please let them know when you are available, what army / armies you will be bringing, and any other details you would like to provide.

Rules Download

Click here to download the rules