MiniWarGaming's Warhammer 40k 8th Edition FAQ / Errata
Version 0.0.3

Warhammer 40k 8th Edition is here, and it is awesome (as you can tell by all of our coverage of it). However, there are some rules that are ambiguous and don't have any obvious answers.

What this page is for:

On this page you will find MiniWarGaming's house rulings on these rules, which will form our unofficial FAQ / Errata for our Warhammer 40k 8th Edition games until Games Workshop comes out with their own, at which point we would use theirs (and then update this one if there are still rules issues).

What this page is NOT:

This page is not intended to represent the opinion of Games Workshop. We will most likely be wrong in certain interpretations. You will probably disagree with some of our rulings, and that's ok. :)


Q. On page 178 in the side it says under Re-rolls: "...and re-rolls happen before modifiers (if any) are applied." If I have an ability that let's me re-roll hit rolls of 1, does this mean natural dice rolls of 1, or after modifiers?

A. Natural dice rolls of 1. If any abilites are modifying your hit rolls ignore them when determining if you should reroll 1s.

Q. Adding onto that, if I have a BS of 3+ and I am shooting at an enemy that has an ability that gives me -1 on my hit-rolls, but I have a buff that let's me re-roll all failed hit rolls, does that mean that when I roll 3s that I don't reroll those, even though they would fail?

A. That is correct. It is really weird, but that is how it is played. Even though the 3 would mean that it misses after modifiers, since it doesn't miss before modifiers you can't re-roll it with that ability.

Q. On rules that allow you to super charge weapons (such as plasma guns) that have wording similar to the effect of "On a hit roll of 1, the bearer is slain...", if I have a modifier to my hit roll, how does this interact? For example, if I have a -1 to my hit roll, does the model get slain if it rolls a 2 (which becomes a 1), and then doesn't get slain when rolling 1s (which become 0s)?

A. Apply the modifier before seeing if it will activate, with any rolls of 1 or less causing the mortal wound / model to be slain. For example if you have a -1 to hit, then it will activate on a 1 or 2.

Q. But what if I have a +1 to my hit rolls. Does that make me immune to any of those rules?

A. Yes. However a roll of 1 will still fail to hit.

Q. There are several psychic powers and abilities that have wording simliar to "each time a model loses a wound, roll a D6; on a roll of 5 or 6, the model does not lose a wound." Some of these mention "mortal wounds", some mentioned "unsaved wounds," and some even mention when you "suffer" a wound instead of "lose a wound." How are these to be resolved?

A. In ALL cases, we are going to simplify these rules to mean that after applying damage you make the roll, and that the roll can be taken against any type of wound, even mortal wounds.

Q. I'm still confused, can you give an example?

A. Sure! Let's say a Tyranid with the Catalyst psychic power on them (i.e. 5+ to ignore wounds) is hit by a lascannon that hits, and they fail to make their saving roll. The firing player would roll a D6 to determine damage (as that is how much a lascannon does), and then the Tyranid player would roll that many dice, and ignore every wound where he rolls a 5 or a 6.

Q. What about models with only 1 wound when they are hit by a weapon that does multiple damage?

A. This is a little more tiresome to do, but in this case you would still roll the damage, and then that one model would have to make that many 5+ rolls (or 6+, or whatever his special rule is) in order to not die. As usual, additional damage would not spill over.