Painting Partner Program - MiniWarGaming

MiniWarGaming's Painting Partner Program

Are you a Painting or Terrain Commission Studio that is looking for more advertising?

MiniWarGaming's Painting Partner Program is designed to allow commission studios of ANY size to trade their services in exchange for advertising on MiniWarGaming's many channels.

The way it works is simple - you paint for us, and we advertise for you! You receive the same amount of advertising credit that you would normally have charged a client.

For example, if you do a job for us that you would normally have charged $500 for, then you would receive $500 in credit.

Here are a few examples of what you can use your credit for (rates subject to change):

 A Solo Video posted to our YouTube Channel
 A post on our Facebook Page
 A post on our Instagram Feed

If you are interested simply send an email to with high quality images of work that you've done, and any questions that you have.


From Den of Imagination:

"Den of Imagination has been working with MiniWarGaming for several years now. The Painting Partner Program that was offered to us by Matt and Dave was and still is a perfect solution for our advertising needs.

"There are always some cool projects and miniatures that they need to get painted. With fast and very friendly communication we can always arrange some very productive co-operation.

"There are many options to use the credit you get from painting models. YouTube videos, facebook posts etc are really helpful in promoting your business. Highly recommended!"

From Skeptical Skull Studios:

"My studio has definitely benefitted from the Painting Partner Program!

"I am able to pick and choose project that fit in to my schedule and utilize their advertising as it fits my needs. I always see an increase in website traffic and committed commission projects as a direct result of using MWG to advertise.

"Will definitely continue using the program to help my little studio in the future!!"

From Vito Varano Painting:

"Working with MiniWarGaming has drastically changed my miniature painting service - for the better!

"Having the ability to paint a wide variety of models and in return, receiving advertising, has met a need that my studio needed.

"Their advertising space has brought waves of traffic to my Facebook page and the mere mention of being endorsed by MiniWarGaming has secured countless commission projects.

"I will absolutely continue to work with MiniWarGaming in the future and I highly recommend any painting commission studio (no matter the size) to take advantage of the offer made through the Painting Partner Program! A++"


Q. Who pays for the models, or shipping, or other expenses?

A. We pay for any models, and shipping to and from your studio. You will still have to cover expenses such as paints, equipment, or wages.

Q. If I am a part of your program, how often do I need to complete work to remain a partner?

A. There are NO minimum requirements. You can do one job for us and never do another, or you can do jobs on a regular basis. There is no pressure to do anything at all.

Q. What turn-around times do you expect?

A. It varies based on the job, but typically we want a 4-6 week turn-around time, not including shipping times.

Q. How much should I charge you?

A. We expect you to give us the same rates as any other client, nothing more, and nothing less.

Q. Can I do [INSERT IDEA HERE] for the advertising instead of the ideas listed above?

A. We are open to any ideas you have. They'll have to be wargaming related, and they'll be subject to approval, but we're quite flexible.

Q. I live in [INSERT PLACE HERE]. Are you still interested in working with me?

A. You bet!

Q. How long do I have to use my credit?

A. There is no expiry date on any credit. If we need to add one later, we would give you ample notice, but we have no plans to do so.