Get The Tau vs Death Guard Path to Glory Campaign for Free

Yup, that's right, you can have it all for free.

Don't worry, we haven't gone crazy.  There is a catch (isn't there always?).  :)

You see, in case you aren't aware, YouTube revenue sucks.  We want to bring you tons of awesome free content on YouTube, but it's kind of hard when you only make enough money to pay the rent of the building you are in.  See the problem?

That's why years ago we created the MiniWarGaming Vault Membership.

The Vault is quite simple.  You pay a monthly or yearly subscription (yearly is cheaper), and you get access to things such as:

  • Exclusive battle reports
  • Exclusive narrative campaigns
  • Exclusive behind the scenes
  • Other Exclusive Shows
  • 1,000+ painting tutorials (with Silver membership)
  • Ad-free experience on MiniWarGaming (except in the YouTube videos - we can't control that individually unfortunately)
  • And more...

Since we launched the Vault many years ago tens of thousands of viewers like you have joined to support us and to see even more fun and entertaining content.

However, even more people have not even tried out the Vault, despite the fact that there is a 7-day 100% free trial.

So that's where this giveaway comes in.

We will give you access to the entire Tau vs Death Guard Path to Glory Campaign.  All you have to do is try out the Vault for FREE.

If you don't like the Vault, cancel it.  We'll even let you keep all of the episodes!  

Just click that big green button below to try it out today.