WFB Lizardmen vs Bretonians 12/11/11 pt1

Our groups first recorded battle report and the first time any of us have used a camera so please be kind with your comments. This is our test upload and we'd love some constructive criticism so that we can improve our videos in the future.

A big thanks to the guys here at MWG, if it wasn't for the work you guys put into your stuff then we would have never even thought of starting this.

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fleabag (Over a year ago): - delete
sillay sarus unit, they wanted to go shopping in the town

Mahuloq (Over a year ago): - delete
Loved it! Keep it up, I rarely ever get to see Bretonians played. What do you like about them? They are another army that I have interest in.

InspectorMorgan (Over a year ago): - delete
Well done this format is quite enjoyable.

Elfy (Over a year ago): - delete
Love the overhead view and move indicators. Narration explains things nicely. Clear dice are especially hard to make out. Background music is a little loud in comparison to the narration. Overall, good job. Hope to see more of these.

EletjeB (Over a year ago): - delete
awesome lizardmen painting

dmanella (Over a year ago): - delete
Very Nice.
The way a battle report should be, with an over view of movement. So you really know what is going on.

Most reports have the vid going all over the place, and so, You do not get a feel for the tactics, and strategy.

redmondjm (Over a year ago): - delete
Great batrep! I enjoy tat format. 2 reqeusts. I belive that the music is a little loud. Second, I think that clear dice are hard to see during the report. Thanks!

JapanUGS (Over a year ago): - delete
@Kipsi: The group members are from all over, a Finish guy, and a lad from the north of England in the vid. I am from the south west of England. In future videos you'll see people from all over, we have people from Canada, Germany and of course the majority of our members are Japanese.

@Frozt: We have a tripod but it gets in the players way so we tend to hand hold and take the shot as it happens. One of the biggest problems to honest was getting people to slow down enough that I could set up the shot without ruining the game. It's harder than I imagined.

And thank you all for all the other comments. Hopefully we'll have some slightly (if not wildly) more exciting reports for you in the future.

WoR Atty (Over a year ago): - delete
Love the amount of effort put into the battle report, shame the battle is a little dull, but love to see some more batreps

yair86 (Over a year ago): - delete
Great battle report!
Please make more of them! Finally a lizardmen game!

But the battle itself was uneventful - very disappointing...

Frozt (Over a year ago): - delete
There are a few ways to help steady a camera. One of the easiest is using stacks of books to rest the camera on (presuming you have room) while holding and aiming. Another alternative is a small tripod, presuming it is affordable for what you want.

Kipsi (Over a year ago): - delete
where you from? just curious. nice rep btw

Werex (Over a year ago): - delete
Im gonna need more of those battle reports! Great work lads! =)

Mpairwing (Over a year ago): - delete

maamets (Over a year ago): - delete
Nice report. Keep it up!

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A 2000 pt game between Lizardmen and Bretonians.

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