We're Giving Away TWO 2500+ pt Astra Militarum Armies!

December 18, 2020

We have two Astra Militarum (Imperial Guard) armies that we are giving away to two lucky wargamers.

Army #1 - 2,600 Army for our Newsletter Subscribers

The first army (Tanned Armoured Company on the right) is for one lucky newsletter subscriber. Not an email newsletter subscriber? Sign up for FREE here:

However, to enter, you must leave a comment on the following post:

Army #2 - 2,500 Army for our Vault Members

The second army (blue Cadian troops on the left) is for one lucky active Vault member that leaves a comment on this post:

If you are not a Vault member, get a free 7-day trial by clicking here:

We will be drawing the two lucky winners on Tuesday, January 5, 2021, and will post the contest winners and contact them at that time.

Happy wargaming, and Merry Christmas!

Game: Warhammer 40k

Show: Other Videos

Producers: Dave

Factions: Imperial Guard