The BEST Place(s) to Preorder Your Leviathan Warhammer 40k Starter Set

The BEST Place(s) to Preorder Your Leviathan Warhammer 40k Starter Set

June 8, 2023

There's no doubt about it - the new Warhammer 40k 10th Edition Leviathan Starter Set is awesome.

But before you decide where you are going to place your preorder, here is where you can best spend your money:

Your Friendly Local Gaming Store (FLGS)

If you have a store that you love to frequent, especially if that store offers gaming tables, events, friendly advice, and everything else we love in our local stores, then preorder your copy there.

I used to run a gaming store, and it was always disheartening to see our regulars spends hundreds (or thousands) of dollars online to save a little bit of money.

Now I totally get it - this hobby is expensive, and every savings you can get is well worth it.  However, I'm guessing that the owner of your local gaming store is not rolling in his riches like Scrooge McDuck.

But, if you don't have a good local gaming store, then the next option we'd love is...

Buy Online from One of Our Affiliate Links!

If you love (or at least like a little) MiniWarGaming and want to help support us, then use one of these affiliate links to pre-order your new box set!  We'll get a small commission, and you'll help an online store to thrive!

We've made deals with stores in most areas where our viewers are from.

They are:

US -
AU - - Use coupon code MWG10THED to get another 5% off!
EU -
UK -
CA -

Alright alright, we might be a little biased here.  Obviously we'll still love you no matter where you buy your starter set from (or even if you don't buy one!).  Just remember, the best way to vote for your favourite channels, stores, products, etc. is to buy from the sources that support what you want the most.

Happy wargaming!


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