Shrine of Chaos Broadcast 3: Mutilators

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Published on: Nov 16, 2012

Tactics discussed on mutilators and JOE!!!!! visits Dave and accompanies him on his live show for over an hour to banter it up. I would say something was accomplished here but I'd be lying.

GAME: Warhammer 40k

TYPE: Other


ARMIES: Chaos Space Marines

SHOW: Shrine of Chaos

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This weeks Gift of Chaos Winner: sashimiforall
(Congratulations on winning your Chaos Mutilators)

Next SHRINE OF CHAOS Airing Thursday November 22nd at 9:00pm EST

Shrine of Chaos Hosted by MiniWarGamer Dave Episode 3 will feature:
1. Warp Talons with discussion on profile and tactics
2. Opening a package from Ask the War Gamer
3. Something Dave thinks is awesome
4. Live caller Q&A
5. 1 Gift of Chaos Winner will receive: Warp Talons

If you wish to mail in a package of chocolate and/or chaos models to Dave send them to:

Shrine of Chaos
411 East Main St.
Welland, Ontario, Canada
L3B 3X3
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