Ravaged Star Scenario Writing Contest

Ravaged Star Scenario Writing Contest

April 30, 2024

Hey everyone, it's time for a scenario writing contest!  I'm looking for some excellent scenarios to be added to the Ravaged Star core rulebook.

You can see the current Beta version of the core rulebook here, which includes three straightforward scenarios to help people get started:

I would like to add 2-3 scenarios more (at least) to the core rulebook that give some great variety in play, and are a lot of fun.  They do NOT have to be perfectly balanced, but because this is the core rulebook and not a narrative supplement (which we plan on making lots of) they shouldn't be overly complicated.

What is overly complicated?  Honestly I'm not sure exactly where that line is, but let's find out!

Here are the basic contest rules:

1.  You can submit as many scenarios as you like.  To submit scenarios, start a new post in the Scenario Contest forum on our Ravaged Star Discord server.  Each scenario should have its own post.

2.  At the very least, scenarios must include details on deployment zones and victory conditions.  Objective markers are not mandatory, but if you do use them they must use the core rules of contesting objective markers found in Scenario 1 in the core rulebook.

3.  Submissions must be received by May 14, 2024, 12pm noon EDT.

4.  Scenarios should be checked for spelling and grammar.

5.  Images (e.g. deployment zones) are optional, as long as you can describe things well enough with words.


Any number of scenarios can be chosen as winners.  Winners' scenarios will be included in the core rulebook.  We reserve the right to edit these as much or as little as needed.  Winners will be credited in the main rulebook, either by name or by username, assuming that there are no offensive terms or words in the username.

Winners will also be able to choose either one 2 Player Starter Set, or 1 Warpack of their choice from the current Gamefound campaign (, which will be shipped free of charge once that product is able to be fulfilled.