Now Hiring - 3D Printing Technician

Now Hiring - 3D Printing Technician

July 9, 2024

Matthew here from  I'm looking for a permanent full-time 3D Printing Technician to help make the MiniWarGaming Forge the best source for terrain and miniatures.

Compensation starts at $20 / hour, but could be higher based on experience.  Start date is ASAP.

Duties will include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Helping manage a large amount of FDM and resin 3d printing, both of miniatures and terrain
  • Washing, curing, and cleaning resin miniatures
  • Working with slicers to find optimal settings to ensure the lowest failure rate and highest quality prints
  • Regular tidying of the 3d printing room, workspace areas, and the terrain and miniature storage areas throughout the building
  • Setting up shelves, unpacking shipments, and other day to day tasks as needed
  • Packing and shipping orders from the MiniWarGaming Forge
  • Basic maintenance of the 3D printers (changing hot ends, vat cleaning, greasing, etc.)

Skills needed:

  • A background in both FDM and resin 3D printing (preferably being actively into the 3D Printing hobby at home)
  • Computer skills to work with slicers
  • The ability to support objects printed for both FDM and resin 3D printers to maximize efficiencies
  • The ability to work hard at multiple tasks, and to know how to prioritize the most important tasks at any given time
  • An attention to detail to ensure that everything printed is of the highest quality, and that every order packed is correct
  • The ability to work with other team members and overcome the obstacles of balancing many tasks and stresses of a 3D print farm


  • Monday to Friday, 9-5


214 King St
Welland, Ontario

If you are interested, please send me an "interesting" email telling me why you'd like this job, and why you'd be a great fit, and throw in a resume if you dare.  You can email me at

Emails without any context or without an interesting story to tell will be ignored and deleted.

Happy wargaming!

-Matthew Glanfield

P.S.  We can only hire people who can currently legally work in Canada.

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