Meet the new guy

Meet the new guy

November 8, 2021

Hey MiniWarGamers!

My name is Maverick and you might know me from my instagram account Maverickspaint. Since you might be seeing a bit more of me and my tutorials, I figured I should properly introduce myself. I am so grateful for this hobby and all of the incredible people ive met along the way. I discovered this hobby when I least expected it but at a time I needed it most.

Ive always been a very active person and from a young age I knew that my passion was helping others. I had several jobs in the public sector, working in homeless centers, halfway houses, hospitals and finally... a FireFighter. This job was a dream come true!

About 5 years ago though, I suffered a back injury that left me with severely reduced mobility. I flew across the country and saw every type of specialist there was but alas, every treatment seemed to fail. As a last ditch effort, my doctor recommended surgery but unfortunately, it didnt seem to work either. Heres me pretending not to be nervous pre surgery.

I was devestated.. I had to quit my job along with the majority of my hobbies. I loved to compete in powerlifting, boxing and working with animals. My back just couldn't handle my previous life style and in turn, I became depressed and lost.

About 7 months ago while shopping with my wife at the mall, I decided to wander into a comic book shop. I always admired warhammer, especially 40k and loved the grim futuristic appearance of their models. Soon as I entered the shop, the man behind the counter was so kind! He was ecstatic that I was interested in trying to paint my first model. He helped me pick out everything I would need for my new squad of assault intercessors! I couldn't believe how kind and welcoming this stranger was. It was my first of many incredibly kind experiences with the warhammer community.

I went home and got to work.. I had no idea what I was doing BUT I was so happy. Both relaxing and exciting; I was obsessed. Every morning I would spring out of bed and start a new model to try a different style or technique. Heres my first model.

Over time.. I started to get a bit better and started to find my "style." I loved gore and rust and creating a "story" around each model. This is the model MiniWargamer Dave found and shared on the MWG Instagram page. I was so taken aback by all of the kind words and compliments that I gave it away! Its now in Germany some where, fighting the good fight.

Before I discovered warhammer, I had endless free time. I was now able to invest it entirely in getting better and practicing! I even entered a painting competition with this model and got third place!

I didnt forget who helped me first though.. I returned to the original shop that got me started and gifted this model to the man that took me under his wing and set me up!

As time went on, I noticed a lot of people would ask me how I did something on specific models.. I decided it would be easier to answer those questions by making tutorials and I was HOOKED! I have always loved helping others and now I had a way to tie my old life with my new passion. Thank you warhammer and thank you miniwargaming for allowing me to do what I love most.

I look forward to continuing on this journey of helping others enjoy their hobby to the fullest!
If any of my tutorials have helped you with your work, id love to hear about it.
you can find more tutorials on instagram @miniwargaming and @maverickspaint

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