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Lifetime Vault Membership Sale Starts NOW

Q. Won't MiniWarGaming lose money in the long run from this?

A. While we appreciate the sentiment, what selling these memberships does is give us more capital to help grow the business. So yes, we might lose money in the long run, but we hope that by using the funds to grow our business that the growth will be greater than the loss.

Q. What level membership do I get?

A. Silver.

Q. What does "lifetime" mean?

A. Lifetime means that it is non-transferable from the purchaser (i.e. you keep it to the end of your life). It also means the lifetime of the Vault. We cannot guarantee that the Vault will be here in 50 years, so if we ever did need to close down the MiniWarGaming Vault, then these memberships would end there as well. We have no plans to do so, and hope to be around for a very long time.

Q. I have an existing membership, what will happen if I buy this?

A. We will cancel your monthly or yearly membership, and give you a pro-rated refund of any time you have left on your membership (or a full refund if you paid in the past 30 days).

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