Dave Responds to Criticizing Trolls & Thanks Front Line Workers
May 16, 2020

I made this response video to a troll who accused me of self-promoting by making a thank you video. We were not able to meet in person to make a proper thank you video so I thought it was a kind gesture and wanted to post it to acknowledge front line workers and show our gratitude for them. Then I was criticized and told it wasn't a thank you video but more of a self-promotion video. Which is curious to me because there was nothing being sold in the video. It was simply a thank you video. So I made this response video because of that troll which I'm ironically grateful for. They suggested I make a video of me talking and saying thank you. In the end, I'm glad they left that comment. Watch the response video and you'll see why.

Please consider donating to Doctors Without Borders and their COVID-19 relief efforts.


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Producers: Dave

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