New Tyranid Codex Review

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DanielTMU (13 days ago): - delete
Truly excellent review. I for one would love to see you make a list of mostly Carnifexes and Zoanthropes with Ol' One Eye, Neurothropes, and Dakka flyrants now that you have these new rules. Really take the gloves off and pound one of Steve's cheese lists. Or maybe a totally ant-Psycher list and shut down Q-Fed's Brimstone list.

Kaptin-Obvious (13 days ago): - delete
Matt, you forgot to mention that Hive Tyrants and Swarmlords have gone up to Toughness 7

Nojo013 (13 days ago): - delete
FYI, chitin is pronounced kai-tin. Ask an entymologist, they%u2019ll tell you the same.

fattymcsnipes (2 weeks ago): - delete
Jormungandr genestealers with the armor increase thing means walking 3+ armor save genestealers up the board, not as fast as normal but could be scary in big numbers

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ludwigsic (11 days ago): - delete
very nice review but the showcase batrep is a shame. Can happen for sure but no excuses or another batrep a day later its a true shame...
ludwigsic (11 days ago): - delete
In fact, don't take it too easy with your 40k batreps. I think they are your bread and butter and the only really good producers at of them are Matt himself and Josh at the moment.

byy9080 (12 days ago): - delete
@MAtt, the harpy and hive crone moving out of fast attack is a huge change from a tournament and some casual gaming perspective. They now no longer can hold objectives, and if they are the only thing left on the board you have lost due to the "boots on the ground" rule from the new players handbook.

Sklodo (12 days ago): - delete
After this I again have feel that power creep continues... Maby I am wrong but from my orky perspective for example 3+ CC Inv on swarlord is insane. All the other things too. I just hope they will buff Orcs acordingly.

Asharothe (12 days ago): - delete
I really wish that the Psychic Scream was a bit more potent considering it cannot be spammed. That bonus on a psyker is not likely to go off since most psykers are 9+ LD. Would have rather seen 2D3(pick highest) 1 MWs.

I'm looking to do a Kraken/Kronos mix.
Kraken: 60 GS, unit of 5 Zs, Broodlord and Neuro.
Kronos: Exocrine, Hive Guard, Tyrant w/ Baelthorn, and some Terms as screening maybe with some devil Terms in there.
Asharothe (12 days ago): - delete
Edit: 2D3(pick highest) plus one, Mortal Wounds.

The plus sign didn't show for some reason.

orkybenji (13 days ago): - delete
Are Pyrovores viable yet?

nicryan (13 days ago): - delete
40:20, heres a tactics thought. After all the babies are spawned, spend that command point to move the mama bug forward so you do keep that forward progress.

Moraca4 (13 days ago): - delete
A heldrake does not have a minimum movement either, so maybe the Harpies movement is correct
DanielTMU (13 days ago): - delete
I think it is because these models flap their wings to fly instead of having jet engines, so therefore they do not suffer the minimum movement restriction. Kind of like a Hummingbird vs. a RC airplane.
Moraca4 (13 days ago): - delete
Exactly, that makes a lot of sense. Wings would give them more control over how far and which direction they need to go.

mmallon425 (2 weeks ago): - delete
A good book for any game should make you excited to try something new.

I REALLY want to play 'nids now!!!

Anradh (2 weeks ago): - delete
Before they had rules, I was mostly looking at Jormungandr, just because I liked Norse mythology (FYI, pronounced your-mung-GAN-dur), but now I reckon I'm going to claim decent from Kraken.
Oh, the control...

By the way, Matt, something you said about the Carnifexes in this video has me wondering, what edition of Tyranids did you start with?
I always assumed the Kraken codex (3rd edition), given your paint scheme, but it now sounds like the first Leviathin one (4th).
I actually started just after 3rd came out and then took a loooong break shortly after 4th, only getting back into the hobby at the tail end of 7th.
Anradh (2 weeks ago): - delete
*ahem* YOUR-mung-gan-dur
Sorry, brain skip...

Marijan999 (2 weeks ago): - delete
I'm so excited about new codex but why no tyranid dice. everyone got them except us
Anradh (2 weeks ago): - delete
Agreed, though I'd probably be more annoyed if they didn't always seem to go out of stock before they came into stock.
backlash013 (2 weeks ago): - delete
Admech didn%u2019t get dice, don%u2019t worry

Jezza111 (2 weeks ago): - delete
Thanks Matt, can%u2019t wait to get my copy next week!

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Matthew gives a thorough review of the new Tyranid codex, including all of the changes from the Index, the strategems, warlord traits, relics, and other special rules.

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