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About this Channel

My channel for chaos/ork luvr's to communicate. Including me.

My FAVORITE warhammer figure:
ultramarine venerable dreadnought
hahahahahahahahahahahaha ownage!!!!

-Chaos is teh p0wnerz. End of story

about mee's:
armiez:orkses, ultramarines, and chaos...es..es...
hobbies:soccer,watching family guy,MWG,computer stuffz,and of course, WARHAMMER AND WARHAMMER 40K
gender: i think im a guy, lemme check... yep definatly a guy.

FAVES, since idk how to add them otherwise, just copy and paste them into web bar to find em.:

http://www.miniwargaming.com/content/ZIlORatQYQPd (Obliterator)

http://www.miniwargaming.com/content/uVhKzM0mnCVL (Typhus)

http://www.miniwargaming.com/content/xYCtcqFEzugi (Carnifex)

http://www.miniwargaming.com/content/cvciqk7Mbj96 (Benny the Flamer)

http://www.miniwargaming.com/content/HOpdqSwDkUbS (crazy ork converts)

http://www.miniwargaming.com/content/HVIyQlBbUtgm (nurgle dreadnought)

http://media.photobucket.com/image/stormboyz%20sprue/Gaf_Naz/Orky%20Rumourz/stormboyz.jpg (stormboyz)

http://img529.imageshack.us/img529/3783/dscn0387vq2.jpg (battlewagon)

http://kofler.dot.at/40k/units/Ork_Nobz.jpg (collectors edition nobz)

http://www.miniwargaming.com/content/VDNxbM4VIF42 (khorne zerkers)

http://www.miniwargaming.com/content/U2MUPWOisWar (bloodletters)

http://www.miniwargaming.com/content/4o55mS4fKZDt (rofl pervy dog)

http://www.miniwargaming.com/content/fGrDY6UcXu1j (cool ultramarine)

http://www.miniwargaming.com/content/Xm3P9g3GgN7R (terminator wow!!!!)

whats next:
a space marine battleforce
10 sm terminators
2 more squads of space marines (the normal pack)

MY chaos: (srry idk how many points )
hq:terminator lord
troops: 12 khorne berzerkers 6 chaos marines
heavy support: AN OBLITERSTOR =D!!
so thats exactly 542 points ^^

my orks: 1259 points
hq:big mek with forceyfield, 2 AoBR warbosses
Elites: 15 nobs (yea 15!! i said it!!),and a nob in mega armor with rokkit launcha (so i guess i have 11 nobz ^^
fast attack: 6 deff koptas
troops:51 boyz (woah!)

my ultramarines: 1500+ points
hq:2 captains and a chaplain in termy armor
elites: 10 terminators, 2 dreadnoughts
troops: 25 tatical marines
heavy support: a devastator squad

yea i kinda have 3 armies >_> and they all hate eachother :[] exept chaos and orkses

alright time for the people of recognition:




lol just read this conversation i had with my bud : (read from bottom to top)
rofl hell chew up all the plastic and metal he sees
my dog
and that`d be
dude i have 1 figure that could beat ur orks ur tau and ur chaos all together rofl"

recent activity:bought 2 assault on black reaches and assembled all models, got an ork nob in mega armor and assembled it, bought and assembled 5 assault marines (ultramarines), finished 2 space marines (ultramarines), finished a space marine dreadnought (ultramarines), finished an assault on black reach space marine captain (ultramrines), got some modeling sand and applied it to my models,FINISHED PAINTING ALL MY ULTRAMARINES ROM AOBR! got me some assault marines (painted em all),learned how to use decals, applied decals to most of my ultramarines- gonna do the rest pretty soon,finished applying decals to every 1 of my marines, got a chaplain in termy armor(assembled, unprimed, unpainted), got a devy squad (unassembled, unprimed, unpainted), got an xbox 360 =)

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AoBR Ultramarine Capn
AoBR Ultramarine Cap'n
ya like?
AoBR Ultramarine Capn
AoBR Ultramarine Cap'n
ya like?
how do i make my character? D:???!!
how do i make my character? D:???!!
alright so i was just spaceing off in the B&C sm painter when i made this guy, i thought i would make an awesome story of this guy's time in the ultramarines (wich i will!) i also thought it would be kinda cool to make his actual figure too but the problem is... idk what parts to use! could anyone help me come up with the parts?
My Painted Chaos Terminator Lord
My Painted Chaos Terminator Lord
Points: 125, I think

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hansolo (Over a year ago):
hansolo (Over a year ago):
thats so long i use to get grounded for bad grades 2 but not this year you should do a tournament w/ me are ork armies painted in 10 days
hansolo (Over a year ago):
what the hell did you do to be grounded for like 3 months
artman39 (Over a year ago):
check out my short story!
Random-40k (Over a year ago):
Sorry mate , i missed your comment. Lookin forward to seein ya agen mate .
hansolo (Over a year ago):
were have u been dude
hansolo (Over a year ago):
dude havnt talked for a while wad up
Petoy (Over a year ago):
sub for sub
Random-40k (Over a year ago):
Ill see it tomorrow mate , ive got school in the mornign and its mid night here lol . see ya
chaosmarine57 (Over a year ago):
lol thx
Random-40k (Over a year ago):
Cant wait
chaosmarine57 (Over a year ago):
yea lol
DEMONPLATYPUS (Over a year ago):
yea easy 100 bucks
chaosmarine57 (Over a year ago):
DEMONPLATYPUS (Over a year ago):
the funny thing is i sold it to my brother so i still play it just not as much
chaosmarine57 (Over a year ago):
DEMONPLATYPUS (Over a year ago):
ok then
chaosmarine57 (Over a year ago):
lol thx? and nm
DEMONPLATYPUS (Over a year ago):
just kidding
DEMONPLATYPUS (Over a year ago):
yo wats up u chaos son of a bitch
Thillidan (Over a year ago):
yo sorry bout that, ive been sick and then went on holidays, but if u enjoy my imperial guard updates, i have my presents on camera so ill be uploading my leman rus and chimera up asap then painting them asap as well Thanks for your concern chaosmarine57 i means alot to know my work is appreciated
Scars (Over a year ago):
GAD! {i've always wanted to say it}
DEMONPLATYPUS (Over a year ago):
god created school to piss kids off
Random-40k (Over a year ago):
No worries mate. Im not on that much either will school and all so
Scars (Over a year ago):
Wow! U really have an army. However since i can't buy or download the army builder thing can u tell me how many points i have if i've got: 1 command squad 1 tactical squad 1 sternguard squad and 2 sergeants ????