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Lord of the Rings

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Blue Table Painting

Score: 203

Thumbs Up: 282     Thumbs Down: 79

One of the largest repositories of pictures, videos and articles for Wargaming on the interwebs (a series of tubes). We are a miniatures painting service. "If it doesn't move, we'll paint it...If it does move, we'll chase it down and paint it anywa...

Epic Duck Studios

Score: 88

Thumbs Up: 104     Thumbs Down: 16

Epic Duck Studios is a Professional Warhammer and Miniature painting service specializing in detailed and high-end painting. They can also produce custom scenic bases and other pieces on demand.


Score: 42

Thumbs Up: 50     Thumbs Down: 8

AI Collectibles is a leader in online miniature wargame painting. For years we've brought outstanding customer service, magnificent models, and fast turnarounds. Feel free to brows our gallery to get a sense of what we do. For further questions or need a ...

Tau Online

Score: 12

Thumbs Up: 39     Thumbs Down: 27

Tau Online is a community website for gamers of Warhammer 40,000 including latest news, tacticas, painting tutorials, conversion ideas and much more. We also offer a fully featured army list section, gallery, 40k timeline and thriving forum community!

Kevin's Miniatures & Hobby Table

Score: 10

Thumbs Up: 11     Thumbs Down: 1

This is a weekly blog with updates on miniatures and modeling projects for wargaming in a variety of scales and subjects. Recent subjects have covered Warmachine, WWII and WWI gaming.

Modeling Time

Score: 9

Thumbs Up: 13     Thumbs Down: 4

The best Italian Modelers site.

DICE RAGE!!!!!!!

Score: 8

Thumbs Up: 9     Thumbs Down: 1

This website is dedicated to showcasing miniature wargaming related videos and internet shows. Site features Battle Reports, Reviews, Hobby Vidoes, and more.

NJ Gamer

Score: 7

Thumbs Up: 9     Thumbs Down: 2

NJGamer is a facebook community built around avid gamers in New Jersey. From card games, board games, and role-playing games to collectible minature games and wargamin...

Kiwi Colour Studio

Score: 7

Thumbs Up: 7     Thumbs Down: 0

A Blog about my War gaming and miniature painting mainly used for me to display my work to my friends and potential customers. I often do commission work and Sell items that ive painted. I specialize in 15mm WW2 and ancients as well as 28 and 30mm sci-fi...

Spotted Troll Painting

Score: 5

Thumbs Up: 5     Thumbs Down: 0

We offer good painting at reasonable rates. If you need a good looking army to bring to the table but don't have the time for painting, then check us out.

Magabotato - Magazine about Tabletop

Score: 4

Thumbs Up: 4     Thumbs Down: 0

We would like to introduce ourselves: Magabotato – magazine about tabletop. We are a team of experienced hobbyists in the range of tabletop, board games and RPG’s and we’re broadcasting a new German-speaking video-magazine since the 28th of March 20...

Blast Radius Terrain

Score: 3

Thumbs Up: 4     Thumbs Down: 1

Blast Radius Terrain makes innovative and imaginative terrain for historical, science-fiction, and fantasy miniature gaming. I specialize in commission and special order work, but also have a large inventory of unique, hand-built pieces that I have shown...

Green Bay Wargamers Guild

Score: 3

Thumbs Up: 3     Thumbs Down: 0

Our club is dedicated to the Art, Education, Historical, Fictional, and Hobby of Tabletop Miniature Gaming & Tabletop Gaming. The goal of our club is to promote miniature gaming of all kinds including: historical (Johnny Reb III, WWI & WWII, and ...

All Things Wargaming

Score: 3

Thumbs Up: 3     Thumbs Down: 0

Hi and welcome to All Things Wargaming!!! As the title says we cover all things to do with wargaming. I only play Games Workshop games at the minute but hopefully there will be someone who can answer any questions you have. ENJOY!!!

Minifigure Mayhem

Score: 3

Thumbs Up: 3     Thumbs Down: 0

Minifigure Mayhem, official reviewers of The Army Painter, and dozens more wargaming brands! Free terrain, building, painting, weathering and other tutorials to spice up your hobby building. Also c...

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