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Blue Table Painting

One of the largest repositories of pictures, videos and articles for Wargaming on the interwebs (a series of tubes).

We are a miniatures painting service. "If it doesn't move, we'll paint it...If it does move, we'll chase it down and paint it anyway."

Your spouse will love us for all the time you get to spend together- now that you aren't hunched over your own painting station like a crabby gargoyle.

"GET YOUR WORLD PAINTED" Blue Table Painting

p.s. international dance sensation on staff for your viewing pleasure


ruppt (Over a year ago):
I had three mangler squigs made and painted by BTP. Before GW released theirs. BTP were better.
Sicirius (Over a year ago):
I had 3 separate armies painted by these guys, and they have gone above and beyond my expectations every time. I will always give Shawn and the others at blue table painting my personal recommendation
AlphaErix (Over a year ago):
I got 2 amazingly well done Stormravens by BTP. I will definately be back for more work to be done.
connorshaw-case (Over a year ago):
Amazing painting on higher level stuff you get what you ask for with what you order creati e conversions and an amazing company and seeing all the negative I'm just wondering what level ordered and what is wrong with some of the people
JediGargoyle (Over a year ago):
BlueTablePainting is, in my opinion, the finest miniature panting service on the net. Their customer service is supreme, and their work quality is high. No, you wont get award winning diorama pieces, but you will get something that looks Fantastic on th
destuctir (Over a year ago):
standard was disappointing. models paint scheme varied from unit to unit and even model to model i could see them just taking a different paint. disappointing
tyrantrad (Over a year ago):
I agree
captainharlock (Over a year ago):
Unfortunately, I agree with the previous posts. Very friendly, dedicated staff, but painting quality not consistent or representative of level samples.
Hessian (Over a year ago):
Pros: Great friendly Customer Service with reasonable prices.
Cons: Workmanship and quality leaves something to be desired at given levels. Even after mentioning the corrections for a touch-up, it sill came back very novice-like. Little creativity shown a
kojibear (Over a year ago):
Regardless, they are an enthusiastic and committed company and should be praised for their efforts.
kojibear (Over a year ago):
which is important for any company providing a service. What one customer receives, so should another.
kojibear (Over a year ago):
However, they are still having problems with standardizing their quality levels,
kojibear (Over a year ago):
LordHamshire makes a good point. BTP has always been open and honest about what they offer.
LordHamshire (Over a year ago):
...(continuation of previous post) to go there local game store.
LordHamshire (Over a year ago):
(P.S. I'm not saying your going to win a Golden Daemon with there stuff, but I don't believe the company ever promised awesome painting, more so to just paint the models that you didn't want to.)

(P.S.S. To those who say it's maybe table top... Have got
LordHamshire (Over a year ago):
I really like this company. They do great work. Don't listen to the spam negativity below.
darkmessiah (Over a year ago):
crap painting overpriced work some good convertions
spacemarineboy (Over a year ago):
realy awsome
paulymath (Over a year ago):
Love their vids.
oxyotl (Over a year ago):
Best Warhammer Fantasy battle reports besides here
lukeajkay (Over a year ago):
imperial guard r so good
they kill orks
julian12345 (Over a year ago):
tabletop, over priced. Sorry its true
dforce75 (Over a year ago):
haha i was # 117 for like haha
kojibear (Over a year ago):
Agree with Smartah. Conversion ideas and a willingness to create what you want is excellent.They love gaming and are very enthusiastic.Painting is not quite inline with their example level pictures. Their customer service, however, is very very good.

Smartah (Over a year ago):
After seeing some of their figures at Adepticon I was not impressed at all with the painting. Tabletop at the very best. Conversions are at a higher level than their painting. Good (but expensive) way to get your army painted fast.
Concreteus (Over a year ago):
Place a large first time order with Blue Table Painting and I'm very impressed with the results.

I can not recommand them highly enough their workmanship is great and they are very easy to deal with.

I will definatly be using them again.
hicksms (Over a year ago):
Dwarf fortification arrived this weekend and Lokhir. Great job again.
hicksms (Over a year ago):
Got my Beastmen yesterday, and they were fantastic. Fast turnaround and shipping also. Well done.
dadandgoose (Over a year ago):
blood for the blood god
W0oties (Over a year ago):
their awesome !!
eabe (Over a year ago):
Wow comments are short I listed some pros and cons guess you can't see them don't feel like retyping it all wasn't that long :/
eabe (Over a year ago):
I was not very impressed with there work. I ordered a custom job done on a chaos dreadnought and I must say it was way over priced. Yes I realize that you set your own price range for work being done and so forth. I asked for there best paint level they g
LordofEdoras (Over a year ago):
Agree with MaliciousOnion.
Although they have some nice conversion ideas. At least those are free.
Imperialguardpainter (Over a year ago):
Great website for everything 40k
spacepaw (Over a year ago):
Totally inspiring! They put their hearts into their work. It's not just a mere service - it's a bunch of talented, smart and cheerful people ready to make your ideas come to life
canonman64 (Over a year ago):
sent me a message on this were did u get the dragon heads on your salamanders from
MaliciousOnion (Over a year ago):
What does BTP stand for? Barely Tolerable Paintjobs? They are not awesome, they are average at best; particularly with the attached price tags.
keyong97 (Over a year ago):
yah if you don't like BTP then you are reptilian
Paladin-Zebra (Over a year ago):
who thumb downed it? BTP is awsome and if you dont like it then you are not human
dograap19 (Over a year ago):
Eat OLIVES(only the green ones though)
Highelf-KDD (Over a year ago):
Amazing Work BTP Keep It Up!Kdd :}
highelflord123 (Over a year ago):
AWsome ,great work but expensive
Paladin-Zebra (Over a year ago):
BTP is the greatest and im hoping to buy an army from them soon
MONK3YP1RAT3S (Over a year ago):
I love BTP and always wait for their, and MWG's videos which reminds me, please MGW more vids!
Bosse (Over a year ago):
Love BTP and there staff, wish I had some free cash to get more done from them.
Gizzardp (Over a year ago):
I love these guys. They're fun and enthusiastic people, plus they offer a brilliant service. The entertaining videos and battle reports are just icing on a very delicious cake.
cro (Over a year ago):
Awesome battle reports!
nidsplitter (Over a year ago):
they give us inspiration and produce great vids and batreps on youtube
MarkofStark (Over a year ago):
Always excellent, check out the website, youtube vids and remember that these guys work there, inspiring ain't it.
Potiflotin (Over a year ago):
If you ever feel down, make sure too check this guy out on youtube, they will make you smile no matter how rainy your rainy day is

They are also are excellent painters, their work is truly inspiring and orginal and they are never afraid to try new thi
mander917 (Over a year ago):
Shawn and his crew do some great work. They painted a battlewagon exactly to my specifications, they even did some excellent conversion work I would have never thought of.
suddenventures (Over a year ago):
I've used Blue Table Painting more than once and I highly recommend them. The small shop is staffed by great people providing a quality product and it's a pleasure working with them.
36InchStarcannon (Over a year ago):
Go check out the youtube channel, amazing. Awesome battle reports!
calebfilm (Over a year ago):
Probably the fast miniatures painter's in the world. They are a machine, cranking out thousands of models a year. The only downside is the 'glaze' method often produces a 'streaky' sort of finish that looks good on some models (Nids, Daemons) and not so
JDScherrey (Over a year ago):
Excellent painting service that will work with you to complete any project your desire.
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