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Storm Wolves Chapter

This is a site my mate built to talk about his hobby/40K army, there is a core group of gamers that post bits and bobs on his site. I have posted a few tutorials to help some of the newer lads to painting and modeling.
The site isnt very old and there is going to be more posted on it soon.

Your site Rocks by the way!!!

Thanks Guys

(aka Big Poppa Bear)


blackpaw (Over a year ago):
Hey Rodders, the link should be

Nice site, needs more people to submit stuff though
BigPoppaBear (Over a year ago):
For some reason the link doesnt work properly.
When you do click on the "visit Site" go to "Other Stuff" then click "portal page" on the drop down menu, then you will see "here as a link to the Storm Wolves Chapter.
a bit of a round about way to get the
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