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Epic Duck Studios

Epic Duck Studios is a Professional Warhammer and Miniature painting service specializing in detailed and high-end painting. They can also produce custom scenic bases and other pieces on demand.


tyrantrad (Over a year ago):
tyrantrad (Over a year ago):
tyrantrad (Over a year ago):
good but bad logo
spacemarineboy (Over a year ago):
really epic i liked the tau orca project
quint (Over a year ago):
are not here
quint (Over a year ago):
more painting a i em wacthing evry day miniwargaming but vidoe's of epickduck studio's
nicknoo (Over a year ago):
nightmareius (Over a year ago):
amazing painting, hope it all goes well
ork-the-ork (Over a year ago):
Amazing painting!
SignChapter23647 (Over a year ago):
Awesome painting and sculpting tutorials!
sirclanki345 (Over a year ago):
mike you are awesome
bigbirddead (Over a year ago):
i have seen all of your painting on youtube

TheBloodySlayer (Over a year ago):
your awsome
Imperialguardpainter (Over a year ago):
Awesome Painting
grotem (Over a year ago):
i love your painting!!!
Belial (Over a year ago):
i love your works
highelflord123 (Over a year ago):
great work on website and miniatures!
hollowecho (Over a year ago):
love you work on the site
Voidwalker (Over a year ago):
Very Nice. From the presentation alone I would inquire further. Some sites just lack a feeling of professionalism.
tko540 (Over a year ago):
@Saratoby: Will you please enlighten us by the standard you are using to judge his work? Or even possibly provide some of your own? From what I have seen, I am thoroughly impressed with his work.
Saratoby (Over a year ago):
Horrible PAINTIN
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