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Painting A Gretchin | Paints
Painting A Gretchin | Paints 'N' Stuff | Episode 3
My technique on painting a simple Ork Gretchin.
Ghazskull vs Dante Fight Of The Characters Episode 1
Ghazskull vs Dante Fight Of The Characters Episode 1
Series of short videos were two characters of equal (or almost equal) points battle it out till a victor is named.
And yes, I am battling myself.
Dinosaur on A Rhino - Paints
Dinosaur on A Rhino - Paints 'N' Stuff Episode 2
How to paint a 'Amy Can Flyy' Dinosaur onto a Space Marine Rhino.
What should our next video be?
Painting A Blood Angel - Paints
Painting A Blood Angel - Paints 'n' Stuff - Episode 1
This is our new series were we paint and build our way, and show you how to do it.
Episode 1 - Painting A Blood Angel
Making Ork Boyz
Making Ork Boyz
This is Phil making some Ork Shoota Boyz out of a Battleforce.
If you want to see something made or painted, just ask!

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the40kguys (Over a year ago):
Dont you just hate it when you have a load of battle reports sitting on your computer, but you don't have the time to edit :/
the40kguys (Over a year ago):
Please visit our Youtube channel for any videos that arent on Miniwargaming (i dont see why they wouldnt be!)