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I hobby and play for fun. I film a lot of it and people actually seem to watch! Go figure

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Custom Ork Trukk #3
Custom Ork Trukk #3
One more to go..
Ork Warbuggy complete!
Ork Warbuggy complete!
Trying out some things.
Unboxing: Ork Barricades
Unboxing: Ork Barricades
Picked this OOP kit at my FLGS!
Quick review: Vallejo Grey wash
Quick review: Vallejo Grey wash
If it worked, it would be awesome.
Custom-built Ork Trukk #2
Custom-built Ork Trukk #2
Getting ready for the new codex.

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TableTopJosh (Over a year ago):
I just wanted to say, as a fellow shooty ork player, I really appreciate your content and keep up the good work!!
tom7413 (Over a year ago):
cool tau Barracuda I thnik they are putting it in the new Tau Codex but i think it will probably be classed as a heavy suppport (Sub 4 SUb)
wargamer010 (Over a year ago):
khani (Over a year ago):
cool stuff, you got yourself a sub.