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I'm a commission painter and I'd like to also do some video updates as well as my own battle reports for you. Please enjoy.

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Tutorial Trade Program
Tutorial Trade Program
Basically its a model trade program to help me produce tutorials.
Let's Paint Beastmen Ungor Part 1
Beginning of painting a Beastmen Ungor from primed to finished at a more basic level for painters that are just starting out. I'm sticking to just brushes and simple techniques this time because I know not everyone has an airbrush available to them.
Stormraven Showcase
Stormraven Showcase
Enjoy this completed commission project. I had a blast with it.

If you'd like to commission a piece please contact me for a free quote at
Unboxing Cryx Character Solos
Unboxing Cryx Character Solos
Lets look at some Cryx character solos that I recently got for cheap and see what sort of details that Privateer Press put into these designs.

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Unboxing Inquisitor Quovandius
Unboxing Inquisitor Quovandius
me to another unboxing video. This time I'm opening up a model seldom seen nowadays. Its from the 54mm scale game from Games Workshop known as Inquisitor and its certainly and interesting piece. Please like, comment and subscribe for more content.

(If you're interested in this piece let me know either contact me through youtube/google plus or email me at

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