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New Dark Eldar Tactics - Transports
New Dark Eldar Tactics - Transports
The shape of the raider is known across the galaxy as a shadow of fear, terror. But it is the Venom that does most of the heavy lifting in a realspace raid! Here is the tactical video touching on both these key units.
New Dark Eldar Tactics - Beastpack
New Dark Eldar Tactics - Beastpack
The beastpacks and their handlers! This next video in the Dark Eldar tactica and strategy series we discuss their use and role within the new dark eldar codex.
New 40k Tactica Dark Eldar - Grotesques
New 40k Tactica Dark Eldar - Grotesques
They are the flesh of rage incarnate! The heamonculi and their creations cause pain and devastation. The Grotesques of the covens are released upon the enemy in an orgy of destruction. How do they fit within the new book?
NEW 40k Tactica Dark Eldar - Wracks
NEW 40k Tactica Dark Eldar - Wracks
The Helpers of the Heamonculi. The coven Wracks are another element of any realspace raid. This is the next video in the new series of tactical videos geared for both experienced and novice dark eldar generals.
40k tactica - Dark eldar - Mandrakes
40k tactica - Dark eldar - Mandrakes
From the shadows, these killers strike. Much improved from their previous incarnation the mandrakes are the tipic of the next dark eldar tactical video. Lets see what they are made of!

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Hauke (13 days ago):
Hey Skari, great job. I realy enjoyed the DE tactics and it let me think to build another DE army than I was thinking of in the first place. Now I start to watch the Batreps. So thank you and keep on the good work
Skari (Over a year ago):
Duke. Thanks for the comment. I am glad you like the reports. If you like nids, you will like the series of tacticas that I have a local gamer writing for the blog... the series starts tmr.
DukeDolman (Over a year ago):
Hey Skari just watched your Nids vs Deldar batrep, great work! Im actually a customer of yours, you have been very helpful on advising me on colors for my own Tyranid swarm! Thanks again and keep up the good work!
Draigo (Over a year ago):
Skari (Over a year ago):
Thanks for the Comment! Sometimes it just takes time to attract people. I hope that what I post is useful and inspirational.
Paladin-Zebra (Over a year ago):
your stuff is great! im suprised how few followers you have.