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Anything and everything to do with wargaming.

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Astra Militarum vs Dark Eldar
Astra Militarum vs Dark Eldar
Battle Report - Forge The Narrative Style
Battle Fleet Gothic!
Battle Fleet Gothic!
Space Marine Crusade fleet with a battle barge take on the pesky Dark Eldar raiders in Space! - SPAAAACE!
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Campaign Battle Report! - Dark Eldar vs Space Marines
Campaign Battle Report! - Dark Eldar vs Space Marines
In the third Mission of the Fall of the Kraetor line. The Dark Kin strike at the heart of the imperial airfields. But the defenders have been warned of the impending attack!
HOW TO - Collect a 40k Dark Eldar Army
HOW TO - Collect a 40k Dark Eldar Army
How to collect a Dark Eldar basic army. What would Skari take? And how to make a 500/1000 and 1500pt list from the start!

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Recent Channel Comments:

Hauke (Over a year ago):
Hey Skari, great job. I realy enjoyed the DE tactics and it let me think to build another DE army than I was thinking of in the first place. Now I start to watch the Batreps. So thank you and keep on the good work
Skari (Over a year ago):
Duke. Thanks for the comment. I am glad you like the reports. If you like nids, you will like the series of tacticas that I have a local gamer writing for the blog... the series starts tmr.
DukeDolman (Over a year ago):
Hey Skari just watched your Nids vs Deldar batrep, great work! Im actually a customer of yours, you have been very helpful on advising me on colors for my own Tyranid swarm! Thanks again and keep up the good work!
Draigo (Over a year ago):
Skari (Over a year ago):
Thanks for the Comment! Sometimes it just takes time to attract people. I hope that what I post is useful and inspirational.
Paladin-Zebra (Over a year ago):
your stuff is great! im suprised how few followers you have.