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Alpha Legion vs Dark Eldar - Painted
Alpha Legion vs Dark Eldar - Painted
Gorgeous Alpha Legion Chaos Space Marine army Faces off against the New Dark Eldar in this battle report. Will the fast, furious chaos assault overwhelm the dark kin? Will the eldar trickery defeat the chaos marines?
Tournament Eldar vs Dark Eldar 1500pts
Tournament Eldar vs Dark Eldar 1500pts
The Wind Riders attack the Dark Eldar force with speed. Will the new Dark Eldar be able to take the brunt of the assault or will the Red Jetbikes swarm over all like locusts?
40k Tactics - Dark Eldar - Void Raven Bomber
40k Tactics - Dark Eldar - Void Raven Bomber
The Void Raven! New, cool looking bomber/fighter jet. How does it do on the table? Well, lets talk about it! A bit lackluster maybe? Or the greatest thing since cookies?
40k Tactics - Dark Eldar - Ravager
40k Tactics - Dark Eldar - Ravager
The gunships of the dark kin. Slender, deadly and fast. The Ravager is designed to crack open the enemy tanks and fortifications, allowing the dark kin to get to the jucey innards.
40k Tactics - Dark Eldar - Cronos
40k Tactics - Dark Eldar - Cronos
The Cronos parasite engine, the Dark Eldar create these terrors to take the life essence from their helpless victims and feed it to the nearby kabalites! In Battle their value is not to be underestimated.

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Hauke (6 weeks ago):
Hey Skari, great job. I realy enjoyed the DE tactics and it let me think to build another DE army than I was thinking of in the first place. Now I start to watch the Batreps. So thank you and keep on the good work
Skari (Over a year ago):
Duke. Thanks for the comment. I am glad you like the reports. If you like nids, you will like the series of tacticas that I have a local gamer writing for the blog... the series starts tmr.
DukeDolman (Over a year ago):
Hey Skari just watched your Nids vs Deldar batrep, great work! Im actually a customer of yours, you have been very helpful on advising me on colors for my own Tyranid swarm! Thanks again and keep up the good work!
Draigo (Over a year ago):
Skari (Over a year ago):
Thanks for the Comment! Sometimes it just takes time to attract people. I hope that what I post is useful and inspirational.
Paladin-Zebra (Over a year ago):
your stuff is great! im suprised how few followers you have.