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Welcome to Four Realms Of Chaos's miniwargaming channel. We post all our videos from our Youtube here but I hope you can come subscribe to our channel as well.

We run a commission painting service out of Toronto, Canada.
Our website is: http://www.fourrealmsofchaos.com/

On our channel we post videos about DND, Warmachine, Hordes, Warhammer 40k, Fantasy, Parodies, Tactics, Showcases, and much much more.

Visit our youtube channel for new videos every week.


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"Thats Heresy!" Painting Showcase
"That's Heresy!" Painting Showcase
A few forge world characters and some conversions.
Dice with Death or the Joker?- Studio Update!
Dice with Death or the Joker?- Studio Update!
-New video intro!
-And a ton of cool projects to show you guys!
Rags To Righteous: Space Wolves
Rags To Righteous: Space Wolves
Welcome to the first instalment of the series Rags to Righteous, where we transform someone's old models into an awesome looking army.
Studio Update: The Saga Continues
Studio Update: The Saga Continues
Super Dungeon explorer, white scars, chaos sorcerers, iron warriors primarch, and more!
New BoardGame Business Card Theme
New BoardGame Business Card Theme
A closer look into our new business cards and the themes behind it.

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JusticarRichards (Over a year ago):
Hey man, I'm doing battle reports too and the negative feedback is a bit overwhelming. What do you do to ignore their rudeness?
hthehidden (Over a year ago):
This is replying to you question about natural methods for restoring paints, Citadel paints are non toxic, I looked at the windex web site and they don't mention anything about it being toxic, but another site said to contract poison control if it is consumed, Also I do not know of any other ways to restore paints
Quirk (Over a year ago):
Dd arks are about as wide as a rhino and a little longer then a raider
ostrich88 (Over a year ago):
I'm sorry if I have offended you, but I just wanted to express my opinion and give some tips. I never wanted to latch on to anyone or sound like a negative person or a hater. I just want to give you some advice on how I think you should improve your small mistakes and thus make better battel reports. I'm sorry if I have offended anyone and I hope with all my heart that you will accept my apology
ostrich88 (Over a year ago):
ostrich88 (Over a year ago):
sry, bont have the minis
ostrich88 (Over a year ago):
is chaos-space-marines-pwn your frend?!