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Purge the Heretic 40k Mini Narrative Campaign Mission 2b: Escape from the Surface
Purge the Heretic 40k Mini Narrative Campaign Mission 2b: Escape from the Surface
Daio Qi Qiang escapes the clutches of the Khorne following cultists and D'Lamort to a cargo holding supply depot in a last ditch effort to escape the Agri-world and call down Exterminatus on the Daemon infested planet.
Purge the Heretic 40k Mini Narrative Campaign Mission 2a: Daemonic Transmission
Purge the Heretic 40k Mini Narrative Campaign Mission 2a: Daemonic Transmission
Dark Apostle D'Lamort channels the ruinous powers to possess the body of the Operations Director on the Agri-world of Kobeer. WIth this false distress call the White Scars are met on the surface with Daemons of Khorne and chanting cultists.
Painting Nagash pt1 Spirits
Painting Nagash pt1 Spirits
In this new Series Kris show us how he painted the new model Nagash Supreme Overlord of the Undead. Lets start with the spirits
Ogres vs High Elves Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report - Old World Wars Ep 26
Ogres vs High Elves Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report - Old World Wars Ep 26
Steve changes up his force for this High Elves vs Ogres rematch, using multiple elite infantry units.
Ogres vs High Elves Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report - Old World Wars Ep 25
Ogres vs High Elves Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report - Old World Wars Ep 25
Ash and Steve play a 2000 point game of High Elves vs Ogres, with the Dawn Attack scenario!

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Modeling Idea (Replaceing Magnets)
Modeling Idea (Replaceing Magnets)
here is a screw i found in a lead pencil i could use instead of magnetizing, as well as a list of the marines i want.
The Retards of Macragge
The Retards of Macragge
Stopmotion movie with vehicles. Made also because I think Bike Racing would be fun but none of my buddies wanna try it out. Also no models on feet because I am too lazy to make it with moving feet.

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Recent Channel Comments:

mike1989 (6 weeks ago):
Hi guys the zombie 40k game is alot of fun we didnt have zombie models so we used my tomb king models.
miniwargaming2 (3 months ago):
I cam decide whether to thank or curse you for getting me into fantasy and 40k. I love the games, but my wallet hates them
Mistman94 (6 months ago):
THank you for getting me into Warhammer and war machine
BodjPrime (Over a year ago):
Have You Guys Tried making Batreps for X-wing Missions 1,2,3,4 & 5?
ravenx99 (Over a year ago):
Really liked the Quick Tips week. Kris has a great (soothing!) presentation style, and he seems to really know his stuff. Always looking forward to seeing more of his work.
hdan85 (Over a year ago):
love the banter batreps - Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh
WarpTalonLord (Over a year ago):
I need some help beacuse I have a Chaos Warhound Titan with 2 Inferno Guns, and I dont know how to paint it like its from the Emperors Children. PLEASE HELP!
dciking (Over a year ago):
Happy Easter!
Waghboss321 (Over a year ago):
Hey guys I'm glad that you are going to keep posting videos and after i get my new army i might just challenge you (if thats still possible) plz reply if you have the chance.
SlatzG (Over a year ago):
Hey MWGers! I'm just getting back into WH40K, and I'm going to start my first 500 points with Tyranids. Any tips? Also, I think it'd be a great idea to have a "First 500" series of videos for newcomers of all armies. =)
Hellfire3345 (Over a year ago):
Are u going to get a predator
Raptora-3rd-company (Over a year ago):
always great to watch and see you guys Tactics and MWG is awesome "Chaos magic rules" I hope to visit you guys sometime and battle it out Ps. im kinda new
WhiteYin (Over a year ago):
Hey Kris, I'm getting the new Dark Debts box set for Malifaux and I want to paint my Hungering Darkness with an oil effect. Any tips how to get that effect?
Eldar-Lord (Over a year ago):
I dont know if you guys will ever read this. But i left i comment on your BTP Tour video. You went to Utah and didnt tell your fans!! Im angry at you guys. I would have driven 45 mins to Spanish Fork to hang out with you! Ive been thinking about going to Canada but id rather you come here haha Still love you guys though.
Howlingwolf2000 (Over a year ago):
do more death korps!!!everyone loves them because they are awsome and you should do at least a painting tutorial on them,if not a 40k history P.s defy is epic
BannanaToYou (Over a year ago):
God damn, you upload so much! It's great, I've got so much too watch and I'm lovin' it. Perhaps I will send a gift.
WhiteYin (Over a year ago):
Jesus christ Dave, I have a LOT more respect for your Abbadon now than i did just looking at it. I asked Worthy Painting how much it would be to get two character models done in the same standard (Dominar Rasheth and Epic Vayl) and the total came to 380... guess where most of that came from... Kudos.. now to see if the wallet can perhaps stretch to just ONE of them
EmersonG-S (Over a year ago):
Dave could you please make a video of the workouts you do? would be awesome to see how you do them so i can try them for myself.
Jamesking6 (Over a year ago):
Hey MWG, please make more warhammer fantasy!
apache1998 (Over a year ago):
i am new to warhammer 40k and would like to know which faction to pic orks 2. chaos space marines please post your answer on my channel
CactusZombie (Over a year ago):
I'm pretty new to Warhammer 40k and I have chosen the Orks as my army. I read the codex and I memorized pretty much everything, but I'm still having trouble with what to get for my army. Click this link to get all the info.
chaosmaker23 (Over a year ago):
Dave I reckon that if eldar history was good like they had new home planet and owned enemy they would be more better
DaemonPrince16 (Over a year ago):
Hey Dave! Love your terrain tutorials but can you please make more for non-vault members? Thanks, keep up the good work!
tobitigercat (Over a year ago):
I am a huge fan of you'r videos. Each and every tutorial you post is appreciated by me and i'm sure a lot of other people. If you don't like Dave's videos than there's only one thing to ask. what is wrong with you?
George92 (Over a year ago):
If you shoot at one unit in a turn, can you then multi assault the same unit (that you shot at) and a different unit (that you did not shoot at)?