Why Hate The Tau?

I am a new player to the Warhammer 40k game and have changed from the Blood Angels to the Tau. While reading I saw that many people hated the Tau for many reasons. One of the most common is " The Tau suck at close combast and are hard to fight with". My response is, Yes the Tau do lack at close quarters combat and if assasulted are preety hopeless. The truth is I think it makes them uniqe andintresting that they are different. Now don't get me wrong I think all armies are uniqe and intresting but the Tau are the most vatried on how they play. The point is that just because you don't like the playing style does'nt mean they suck and just because something takes practice and is difficult does'nt mean it sucks. I mean, lets face it, if we could beast every video game game sport in the world easily would it be fun? So, next time you or your friend says , "Lulz Tau suck" look at this article.

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milisim (Over a year ago): - delete
Its funny that most people who hate the Tau are Power Armour players. They seem to believe that using an army with a good % chance to win every game makes them a good battlefield commander. Im sure some Vanilla marine players who don't use special characters (Vulkan anyone? Oh right Everyone!) have to use some nifty tactics to grind out the win.

Tau for the most part are overpriced by about 20%-25% since every new codex coming out has had free wargear or its unit price reduced. This makes playing Tau incredibly difficult as we are at a disadvantage to start each game.

The one amazing thing about Tau that most players seem to miss is that they are a hard army to play well. We aren't overly fast, we arent killy in CC and we have BS3 shooting. Tau players have to use grey matter instead of grey knights. We are thinking 2-3 turns ahead or we get tabled. unit synergy is a huge must have... We cannot afforf to spend even a single point on stupid wargear.. we have to dedicate the entire list to maximum efficiency, if only due to the unit costs etc... We can't afford to choose "Fun" units like other armies... Im sure once the new codex comes out things will be different.... We will get new Special Characters who actually don't suck, new prices for suits etc...

The beauty thing about Tau is that you tend to have to play well just to get a draw... A player who can take the Tau and win A LOT of games is an exceptional battlefield commander... and that is the best feeling in 40k... Beating someone with outdated tech =]

Making a Power Armour player sweat for the full 6 turns even if you lose is the way Tau players get their so called "WIN"

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Skyguy351 (Over a year ago): - delete
You guys are awesome

Shasy8shas (Over a year ago): - delete
I got your back comrade for the Greater Good! It takes a smart commander to play Tau and it takes any power gamer or player who lacks imagination to play Blood Angles, Space Wolves or Grey Knights

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I put reasons out why I think people hate the Tau and try to make reasons not to.

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