who will win?#2 result [finally!]

Hello, everyone! i am back. Sorry for the long delay, i've been in Japan for a very nice holiday. So, who will win ? the tyranids or space marines? I was playing tyranids, and i will type, my thoughts along the way and the tactics i was brainstorming.

Turn 1
I managed to win the role off, and elected to deploy first. That first turn was very important to me as to get the genestealers into close combat as soon as possible. The rippers would stay firmly infront of the genestealers, to make a bug/swarm/alien shield for the genestealers to grant them a 4+ obscured save. The Lictor, [as always] stayed in reserve. I deployed my rippers as close as possible to the enemy marines, with the genestealers close behind. I would have to target the assault squad, with the genestealers, as their higher initiative gave them a good chance of wiping the 5 man assault squad.
The rippers would buckle down as a meat shield for the genestealers, and maybe tie up some tactical marines in close combat so the lictor wouldnt get shot down straight away from their bolters. The only problem with the lictor was the land speeder. If it was able to get clear line of sight on the lictor, it would be dead especially to that nasty assault cannon. The big worry for me was that the assault cannon on the land speeder would instant kill the rippers at str 6, so that was the big worry. I would try to find some cover for them so that they remain strong enough to atleast engage the marines for one turn and hope that they make their leadership saves.

The rippers move up 6" straight towards the assault squad and takes cover in a crater. The genestealers follow close by.

Space marines
The tactical marines hold their ground and fire at the rippers, killing one of them. The assault cannon of the land speeder slays a ripper. The heavy bolter fires on the genestealers and inflict two wounds, but they make both their cover saves. The assault marines
advance slightly and fire their pistols at the genestealers, inflicting 2 wounds. I rolled off for the cover save and fail one, so a genestealer gets slayed by random bullet fire....

Turn 2
Turn 1 worked quite well, and i managed to save 2 rippers! My main worry was still that land speeder. I was confident that my 8 man squad of genestealers with toxin sacs would be able to take out the assault squad, and i was hoping the rippers would stay in combat with the tactical marines for 1 round. If the lictor came in from reserve, he would possibly be able to charge into the land speeder with fleet.
If he does make it, he would almost certainly damage or even blow up
the land speeder as it only has a light armor 10 and the lictor had strength six and rending on 5+. The only result i didnt want to see was immobilised, as it would still be able to fire all its weapons, making the lictor almost certainly dead. The half strength factor hasnt come into effect yet, but if i managed to wipe out the squad of
assault marines and somehow knock off another 25 points of Jack [my friends] army it would force him to make a 8- leadership test, which would possibly win me the game. But even if that didn't work out, i was quite sure that my tyranid army would be able to eliminate his.
When i assault the assault marines, i would have to split them smartly to indivisial targets.

The lictor comes in from reserve and moves up 6" towards the land speeder. The ripper swarms move straight towards the tactical marines.
The genestealers move up 6", ready to engage the assault marines in close combat. The lictor charges the land speeder, but only knocks off
a weapon which of course, was the assault cannon. The genestealers assault the assault marines, with 3 assault marines getting two opponents and 2 lucky assault marines only having to fight 1. The genestealers manage to wipe out 4, but 2 survive and kill 2 other genestealers in return. The two rippers attack 1 tactical marine each, with both of them taking a wound, but one succeeding in striking back and killing a marine.

Space marines
The land speeder backs up and fires its heavy bolter at the lictor. It knocks off a wound off the lictor. The three un engaged marines move within 12 inches of the lictor and rapid fire it, killing the beast.
The 1 assault marine and genestealer engaged in 1v1 close combat do not inflict any wounds on each other in a stale mate. The 1 ripper and 1 space marine in close combat also do not inflict any wounds on each other.

Turn 3
Ughh oh no, i lost the lictor. I was hoping it would wreck or destroy the land speeder, but it only knocked off the assault cannon, which wasn't bad but it could have gone better. I would split up the genestealers and try to finish of the assault marines, and send the others charging towards the tactical marines, but bunkering up in cover before they engaged them. The 1 ripper not engaged would also move up to the tactical marines, to engage 1 in 1v1 combat. i was close to under 50% strength but wasnt too worried about that, since the genestealers had a leadership of 10.

The genestealers split up, with 4 engaging the 2 remaining assault marines in 2v1 combat and the other 4 going into cover, and heading in the direction of the 3 tactical marines. The 1 un engaged ripper also headed towards the 3 tactical marines and engaged 1 in 1v1 combat. The ripper didnt manage to wound the single space marine, but he lost a wound, leaving him on only 1 wound. The ripper failed leadership and got overun. The 4 genestealers piled onto the 2 assault marines and wiped them out, and consolidated towards the direction of the land speeder. The last ripper got wounded by the tactical marine he/it was engaging but struck back and managed to get 1 wound, which jack failed
to save.

Space marines
The space marines were below half strength, so jack rolled 2d6 and only got 6, so he passed the leadership test. The land speeder and tactical marines were wedged on the board edge so they couldnt run or hide from the advancing genestealers. The land speeder moved a tiny bit so the genestealers wouldnt get free hits on it. It fired its heavy bolter at the squad that wasnt in cover and slayed 2. The 3 tactical marines fired at the 4 genestealers in cover, killing 1 then charged into the genestealers in close combat, splitting up so to engage them in 1v1 combat. 1 tactical marine got slayed by the genestealer he was engaging, but 1 tactical marine triumphed and slayed the genestealer he was fighting. The other 1v1 fight ended in a stale mate, with either managing to wound each other.

Turn 4

The tyranids were also under 50% and rolled for leadership 10, and it passed succesfully
The 2 genestealers charged into the land speeder, and managed to stun it. The non-engaged genestealer charged into the non-engaged assault marine and managed to kill him. The ripper swarm charged into the other space marine, helping out the genestealer that was already engaging it and the two combined forces managed to also wipe out the space marine, leaving the stunned land speeder as the only space marine vehicle/thing left on the board.

CONCEED - the tyranids are victorious! Jack saw no chance of the stunned landspeeder to survive 12 str 4 rending, free hits.

It was a very good match, i think the strategy went quite well, but i underestimated the power of assault marines against genestealers in a 1v1 fight. I really needed to pile the assault marines. The early losses of the 3 genestealers were the bad thing. But overall i was pretty satisfied, and it certainly was great fun!

congradulations to: IRON7 and OUTERZEKROM who guessed correctly in who will win 2!

keep searching for who will win 3# where i play my first eldar game!

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I am back! apologies for the loo000ng delay, ive had a great holiday in Japan and have been away for a long time

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