Who will win? #3 1500!


This is another who will win!
This time it`s my first game with eldar!
It will be a 1500pt battle!
My friend, nick and I will be vsing each other on sunday.
He will be marines. [ALWAYS SPACE MARINES...]
The mission will be annihilate.
I must apologise if I make some mistakes, this is my first Eldar match and Nick doesn`t know much about Eldar himself. I like mixing things up.

I am sorry if I do battles with marines all the time buts thats all I seem to find these days...

I am pretty sure I have a 750 pt battle against chaos daemons 3 weeks later but that isn`t confirmed yet.

I also apologise for a late post on the kill team, We have had to delay our battle due to personel issues.

Anyway, Here`s Nicks army!
Marveus Calgar 250 pts

Chaplain 100 pts

Terminator squad 200 pts

Assault Terminator squad 200 pts
[2 lightning claws 3 Thunder hammers w storm shields]

Tactical squad 170 pts

Tactical squad 170 pts

Dedicated transport
Rhino 45 pts

Rhino 45 pts

Fast attack
Land speeder 50 pts

Heavy support
Predator with twin linked las cannon and two heavy bolters 145 pts

Predator with twin linked las cannon and two heavy bolters 145 pts

Tol 1520 pts

This is my army!
Craftworld Idrian

Farseer Israphel 150 pts
Farseer with spirit stones, Doom, Guide, and fortune.

Farseer Armezeki 150 pts
Farseer with spiriit stones, Doom, Guide, and fortune.

The Wraithbone of Idrian 210 pts
Wraithguard squad 6 men

The cyclone of death 120 pts
10 Dire avengers with an Exarch

The shurican spinners 120 pts
10 Dire avengers with and Exarch

The silent death 240 pts
10 Eldar pathfinders

The excrutiators 240 pts
10 Eldar pathfinders

Heavy support
The Bane of Slaneesh 140 pts
Eldar wraithlord with a wraithsword and bright lance

The Defender of the spirits 130 pts
Eldar wraithlord with a wraithsword and starcannon

Tol: 1500 pts

I am hoping to have a well balanced army.
The farseers will continuously give buffs to the army in the form of re rolling. The dire avengers, coming in from reserve will hopefully punch a deep hole in Nicks Marines. The sneeky pathfinders will sit back in cover and get a 2+ save which is amazing and hopefully score 5s and 6s to ignore the armor of nicks marines and maybe even have a go and recking a rhino or two! The wraithlords will be the tank killers with their str 10 swords which lets them re roll to hit and one with a brightlance. The wraithguard will hopefully tank the fire while in cover to avoid low ap weapons such as the lascannons, buffed with fortune and hopefully will slowly inch their way up to fire their ap1 guns. 12 inch range... . So hopefully it will work out.

Who do you think will win? Post a comment below!

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My first Eldar game!

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